Size Shaming: Not Just For Plus

What a great read!!! 😀

The Man is in a similar boat himself and has certainly opened my eyes to the issues of the slimmer build people of the world.

Every body is beautiful and all of us, at one time or another, have body image issues…doesn’t need to be logical, it just is.

Thank You @JessieMaesWorld for writing this great Post.

Jessie Maes World

I have been on the skinner and petite side all of my life. Sometimes I go through life with no problems but I do face some criticisms about my weight.

Some people might not think the things they are saying are offensive or disheartening, but, if your anything like me , you hear some of these on a daily basis.

  • you’re like the size of my pinky!
  • I was the size of you in preschool
  • you’re just all skin and bones
  • I could just flick you and you could break
  • your SOOO skinny! what do you wear? a size 000
  • what do you weigh like 60 pounds?
  • you need to eat a cheeseburger to put some meat on those bones

Now to the average ear, this might not sound bad or rude or offensive, but to me, it can be. Some think that people who are on the skinnier side…

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