Craft Challenge: Paper Bag Album

What a great idea.

Perfect for Christmas or any Celebration. 🙂

Puddleside Musings

     Hey everyone! It’s Friday and here on Puddle Side Musings, Friday typically means it’s time for a craft post. Today is no different but, well, a little different. It’s a craft post alright but also, a craft challenge! That’s right, a craft challenge.

     Me and Myra from Those Secrets We Keep have been chatting about challenging ourselves to create something and show it on our blogs and we’ve also decided to challenge you, yes you lovely reader, to do the same.

     The craft that we have decided to go with this time is a paper bag album. There’s no specific theme or style, the aim is simply to create a mini album using paper bags as the base. We’ve also set a deadline for you: Friday, September 16th. Now, there’s nothing to stop you from accepting the challenge at any time past the deadline…

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Stamp School: Pretty Pop-Up Cards-No Dies Needed!

I personally love @TheFrugalCrafter’s tutorials…super easy to understand and the results are amazing.

Just some inspiration for this lazy Sunday afternoon.

The Frugal Crafter Blog

Howdy friends! OK, I want to see a show of hands, who avoids making pop up cards because they think they are too hard or because you thought you needed an expensive die? OK, now put your hands down, grab your cardstock and scissors and let’s get to work!


I want to point out in the first card I show in the video I had inked the pop-up portion to look like a wrapper around the flowers, I did that by placing a post-it note on each side of the fold and swiping it with a color duster. Also I had stamped ut some individual roses and added them to the bouquet with pop-dots (foam tape.)  I guess I had a brain cramp when I was filming the real one and forgot LOL! Also gluing the foil to the outside of the pop up or adding a scrap of patterned paper…

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Branching out #2 Jam Making

I’m reblogging this awesome Post from Craft and Other Crazy Plans as Mrs Craft has given me a treasured trip down memory lane today with her Jam Making. And a serious case of the Watering Mouth Drools at the thought of the delicious aromas that have been wafting through her home.

As a Little Girl way, waaaaay back in the day…ok, not quite that far back thank you…I used to watch my Great Aunts make up Strawberry Jam, Apricot Jam, Apple and Rhubarb Jam, Chutney with my Nanna. I remember the heat in the kitchen, the noise and especially the smells.

Does this mean I’m about to resume the tradition? It’s not on the cards, but you never know.

Till Next Time!! xx


Welcome to the second part of my ‘branching out’ series, where I explore crafts I’ve not tried before. Regular followers might be surprised to read about my exploits with boiling …

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Stamp School: How to Stamp Plaid

Great tips on buying Stamps and how to make the most of them….and love the plaid look!! Something I haven’t been brave enough to attempt…yet. 😉

The Frugal Crafter Blog

Hi friends! First up I want to announce the stamp winner from the fabric stamping tutorial last week: Rosana! I have sent the winner an email on how she can get her prise so if it is you check your email:)

The other day I shared a cute stamped teachers notepad gift and many of you asked me to show you how I stamped the plaid background. It is easy and you can use any stripe or ribbon stamp you have if you don’t have the plaid stamp I am using.

Watch the video to see how!

I used this stamp from DRS designs, I recommend if you are thinking about buying it you get the unmounted or cling mounted option because if you get the wood mounted one you can’t cut it apart and it will not be as useful plus it will be more expensive.

I had…

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What does make for a ‘Pin-worthy’ Pin?

Something to keep in mind as we all go about sharing not only our own awesome creations, but while we’re looking for inspiration and sharing the awesome creations of others we follow.

Am about to upload my own little ‘experimental’ Pins…all in the name of Online Research mind you. 😉

I’ll share details later on today, in the meantime…what do you look for when you’re browsing Pinterest? What Pins interest you? Would love to hear your thoughts.



Whilst I was away from Bloggyland recently, my most ‘successful’ personal creation hit 1000+ pins on Pinterest. I have already posted about this before when it hit 500+ pins and I was cock-a-hoop pretty pleased, and this post is not just another excuse to do that, although I see no reason to be falsely coy or say ‘oh, that old thing?’ Now though, they stop counting, and it just has 1k pins beside it, so, fickle to the end, I have rather lost interest! Maybe, if it ever gets to 2k, I might get excited again. I might also be in a residential home eating pureed vegetables and telling inappropriate jokes, who knows?

This post is more about what does, or does not, get re-pinned. Again, I did mention this previously: I am fully aware that the card is not a work of genius, and it has been made with a…

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Scrapbooking – Pet Pages

Puddleside Musings

     Scrapbooking has been on my list of things to start for a while now but the thing is, I never really know what to scrapbook. When I go places, I don’t take pictures of me and whoever I’m with, I tend to take pictures of flowers and trees and they’re not really worth scrapbooking – you want to look back in years to come and remember what happened, not that just that there was a flower there!

     While I don’t have pictures of me and my family though, I do have plenty of pictures of my pets. I started doing some scrapbooking last month as it had been a month since my dog died (now been two months), so I thought I’d show you the pages I did.

Photo - Scrapbook (1)

     I decided to do a page for every year that we had him so that’s 13…

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Size Shaming: Not Just For Plus

What a great read!!! 😀

The Man is in a similar boat himself and has certainly opened my eyes to the issues of the slimmer build people of the world.

Every body is beautiful and all of us, at one time or another, have body image issues…doesn’t need to be logical, it just is.

Thank You @JessieMaesWorld for writing this great Post.

Jessie Maes World

I have been on the skinner and petite side all of my life. Sometimes I go through life with no problems but I do face some criticisms about my weight.

Some people might not think the things they are saying are offensive or disheartening, but, if your anything like me , you hear some of these on a daily basis.

  • you’re like the size of my pinky!
  • I was the size of you in preschool
  • you’re just all skin and bones
  • I could just flick you and you could break
  • your SOOO skinny! what do you wear? a size 000
  • what do you weigh like 60 pounds?
  • you need to eat a cheeseburger to put some meat on those bones

Now to the average ear, this might not sound bad or rude or offensive, but to me, it can be. Some think that people who are on the skinnier side…

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My baby has started a business at 7

Oooh, have to share this Post with you today too from Kelzbelzphotography.

Reading Posts like this inspire me and certainly put a huge smile on my face. It’s great to hear of children who are taking life by the horns and enjoying it at the same time.

What a brilliant way to teach ‘life skills’ to our young…and inspire those of us who aren’t quite so young.

Till Next Time!! xx


And I couldn’t be more proud. My hubby is starting a gardening business and thought be a great idea if my kids started their own to. So my son started potatoes and so yummy had the first lot with dinner. Then he suggested a strawberry business for my girl. So since December last year when she came home with a strawberry plant she’d grown she’s been talking about it.

Started by selling some of her old toys making $63.50 so we opened her a bank account and started the discussion of adding to the 20 strawberry plants we gifted her. She was very clear she wanted to buy 30 more. So we discussed her waiting for sales for the best deals, investing her money into buying them. Whilst talking about it she started discussing how and where to sell them. She has told everyone she’s come in contact with about…

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N is for Neat Ripple

MrsCraft has wowed me again with her A-Z of Crochet 🙂

Great advice, a bit of laughter for good measure and some great tips on a craft that I admire from afar.

Hope you enjoy reading this as much as I did…and please drop by and let MrsCraft know you enjoyed her work. 😀

Till Next Time!! xx


OK, so it’s not technically an N. However, I scoured books and the Internet and apparently N is also not a crochet friendly letter. (Whose idea was this A-Z thing anyway?) For quite some time I toyed with the idea of starting with ‘not…’ (insert words of choice-not swearing when it goes wrong, not starting 729 different projects at once, not buying more wool when you’ve already got enough to start a large ish shop, the list is endless!)

Anyway, after a bit of pondering I remembered my brief dalliance with the ripple pattern, and how pretty it looked. Apologies now for the terrible photo, I made it ages ago but never actually finished it, I even ended up binning the part I’d made. (It was going to be a blanket for William’s teddy but I got sidetracked.)

I used another tutorial by Lucy at Attic24. HerNeat Ripple Blanket…

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