DIY Light Box for Card Photos

I’m researching the idea of marketing my card creations online, but one thing I know for sure is my photos of cards needs to be brilliant and clean. And what’s the best way to achieve this result that I’m chasing? A light box, but of course.

Now I’m watching the $$$’s so spending any money on anything IF there’s a DIY alternative is quickly turning into a painful experience. I had an inkling a light box would be one of those times so off to Pinterest I went on the hunt of a tutorial I could follow easily enough, was inexpensive and effective all rolled into one.

Did I find it? You bet!!

And so this afternoon it was a quick trip to our local newsagent for some supplies, tissue  paper and white poser size card. Thank goodness my most recent Kaszazz order came in a large box, as I’ve now upcycled that box and followed the awesome tutorial from this morning by Flax & Twine. (Click “Flax & Twine to visit the tutorial) Well worth the investment of $4.60 I’ve got to admit. It did take me about close to half and hour to cut, trim, attach and position my new Light Box correctly, though I did have to stretch the knees a little between panels.

Here’s some examples of the same card with & without the latest addition to my ‘stash’.

Till Next Time….I’m off for a Nanna Nap I’m thinking. xx


Something a little different

Last year I started crafting some adorable little paper bags with a matching card. I’ve still got one or two around home, but most of them were given to family or friends for birthdays, Chrismas or just because I could.

Now I’m considering marketing my art, and in the process am looking at the options of including these little bags & card on potential items to sell.

Still in the early stages, and doing a world of research in the wee hours of the morning…sleep is over rated I’m sure of it.

What do you think? What do you like to see in similar online marketplaces/stores for handmade cards/gifts/boxes?

All suggestions are appreciated.

Till next time!! xx

Samples Day

I’m smack bang in the middle of a Class weekend, which means I try to avoid big projects for myself, getting Class items gathered and ready for the ladies and throw in a little work on either samples or polish up on my own techniques.

Yesterday saw a mixture of all of the above…lol…as one of my samples required a bit of revision for dry embossing with one of my stencils, as well as using my new 2 Way Star Die for both cutting & embossing.


Dry Embossing Chevron Stencil for the background, Die Cutting & Embossing of stars for the feature. All cardstock used via Kaszazz

And as The Man was at work, I only had a small window of opportunity to work on one particular sample, you guessed it the one with the most technique revision attached. Always the way isn’t it?

I’m trying to design the invites for his milestone birthday party/New Year’s Eve party (we’re doing both at once…confusing? You bet!) which should be a lot of fun. Well that’s the idea, and The Man has certainly added to the fun by announcing he wants a costume party with people dressing up to suit the decade of The Great War. (1910-1920).

And this is Examples #1 & #2…slight variation in colours and layout. I just don’t feel it’s ‘fancy’ enough for a NYE party as well. But for a first attempt, and given the small window of opportunity, I’m actually impressed with my artistry.

What do you think? Which one, if any, would you be excited to recieve in the mail if you were expecting one? Or perhaps you have a suggestion of another design, or different elements I can incorporate into this one? If so, please let me know!! I’ve still got a good seven months up my sleeve, but invites will need to be out of the house in five months at the latest. No pressure.

And before I buzz off and run around like a headless chook as I’m sure I’m forgetting something while setting up for Sunday morning…HAVE AN AWESOME LONG WEEKEND!! Labour Day Weekend for us in Queensland on Monday…YIPPEEEE!!

love lw

Till next time!! xx


New Workshops released by Kaszazz

I love how creative some of the wonderful Kaszazz Consultants are. We have a section where we can submit our latest creations, and the ones that are over whelmingly popular are picked up by Kaszazz as new Workshop releases. It’s exciting to see.

That said, I thought I’d share with you the latest Workshops that have been released during April. With our Team Training Day just around the corner, where we are nearly always shown new offerings for paper, stamps, tools I’m expecting to be inundated during May with many exciting and new Workshops to share with my Classes.

Which of these latest releases is your favourite?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There’s a few of them I will admit. Looks like I’ve got some Samples to make up and catch up on.

Till Next Time…have a great weekend! xx

Aim for the Stars

This was a first for me on a number of levels…I finally got to play with my Star Dies (FREEbie arrived with yesterday’s order), I didn’t make things worse or harder for myself and I’ve just finished a double page spread. Am quite chuffed with myself tonight.

Once I knew my Kaszazz FREEbie was the Nesting Star Dies I had a sticky beak at the myriad of Workshops Kaszazz & my fellow Consultants have designed that include Stars…and then discounted all the Christmas related ones, which appear to be the majority of them. Today I had a number of photos of my adorably cheeky Godson printed with this page in mind. The hardest part was then deciding which photos made the cut…literally as it turned out.


some of the Nesting Star Dies


Enough said, here’s my rendition of Kaszazz Workshop 2H1610 Aim for the Stars created by Tegan Ballin. And a huge Thank You to my darling friend for giving me permission to show off her son.

Till Next Time!! xxx

Vintage Shabby Chic Single Page

Doing Scrap Pages is my big White Whale when it comes to crafting. I’ve attempted a few pages now since joining Kaszazz, and until this past week, they’ve really never grabbed me by the time I’ve finished them. I can’t explain it, it just is.

Well, given that Kaszazz has some amazing Scrap Page Projects on offer, I thought it’s time to bite the bullet (in a manner of speaking) and confront this head on. Because I’ve made this public, I’m now also going to be accountable to a number of people.

Vintage Shabby Chic Single Page Family Detail

I begun this past week with the gorgeous Kaszazz Vintage Shabby Chic Single Page Workshop (2H1775) created by Viki O’Brien. One of the aspects I love is how you have some flexibility in recreating any of the wonderful Projects to match your papers, embellishments etc you have on hand. I’ve used one of the recently recovered wedding photos of my maternal grandparents as the focal point on this page, and I love the muted neutral tones throughout the page. Yes, I love a completed Scrap Page! Just as well my Mum was sitting down when I told her.

Vintage Shabby Chic Single Page...Crafty CAN version

My completed Page. Now to find a Box Frame to show it off in.

Now I’ve never really featured paper tearing on a Page before, but I will admit I love the results with the lace ribbon peaking out. And as frustrating, and sticky, as the Paper Flowers were to create, they are worth all the sticky, glue covered fingers on the planet in my ever so humble opinion.

Vintage Shabby Chic Single Page Rolled Rose

This page also features Rolled Roses which were created using the Rolled Roses Maker Die (5386) and the beautiful Shimmer Paper (5418) from Kaszazz. I added a little ink blending to the tops of the rolled roses once they were finished so they would compliment the overall colour scheme.

With the Binding Ribbon I coloured that using my Alcohol Ink Art Markers…I love how versatile and super easy it is to personalise ribbons, rhinestones, buttons & pearls to suit the project. In this case I used the Caramel Alcohol Ink Art Marker (A465) on the Binding Ribbon as well as the Family embellishment.



The Inspiration for my Page, Kaszazz Workshop 2H1775 by Viki O’Brien

If you’d like to learn more about this Page, or more about Kaszazz, please use the contact form, or leave a comment below.

Till next time! xx



Sad Cards to make

One of the hardest group of cards I’ve found to make, for me personally, are Sympathy/Condolence Cards. I know the whole Circle of Life…and I love doing cards for all the other celebrations in our lives, but those for family members when a loved one has passed are difficult to do.

This month alone I’ve created four different cards for friends and co-workers. Just the other week I did two for one family…the son who is a dear friend; the other for his aunt who works with The Man. The discussions that were going on here while I attempted to come up with some respectful designs that wouldn’t be too stark, depressing or morbid. There’s a good reason why The Man shouldn’t be involved in any of the decision making process I’ve decided. His ideas of a respectful condolence card and mine are poles apart.

He has since come to understand why I insisted on certain elements though…the reactions from the ladies at work with the card for his co-worker sealed the deal. So now, where these type of cards are concerned, I’ve got free reign….bugger.

Overnight another of The Man’s co-workers lost a close family member…so before I got down to cooking dinner and doing up my samples for the weekend’s Class, I pulled a few things together and created this little sweetie.


I’ve used plain White Cardstock for the base as well as for the feature piece. I ran the feature through the Ezy-Press inside the Roses Embossing Folder before trimming down to size. I’ve now got a gorgeous little white Roses strip to use for something else. I’ve then attached the Black Organza Ribbon across the front of the feature piece, attaching with Double Sided Tape. The Stamped Sentiment was trimmed to fit over the top of the ribbon to complete the look.


I then thought it was lacking something….but I draw the line at ink blending the edges with black ink; too depressing/morbid. Then while I was turning the chicken for dinner I had a “Lightbulb” moment (yes I’m a fan of Despicable Me) and quickly added some Distress Stain in Pewter around the edges of the card as well as around the attached sentiment on the inside.


Probably as I’ve made so many recently this was a quick and easy one to pull together…was finished before the chicken fillets. Am now considering, as I mentioned to my Mum last week, of making a few up and storing them with the vain hope none will be needed for awhile.

Fingers crossed this will be the last of the Condolence Cards for awhile. Hope so.

Till next time! xx


Introducing Kaszazz’s Ezy Press

I’ll just say straight up, I LOVE my Ezy Press.

Until 18 months ago I had no idea what on earth a Die Cutter/Embossing Machine was. Totally clueless…until it came to looking at wedding invitations and the options for doing them ourselves. Oh, and the fact I was getting one when I joined Kaszazz as an Independent Consultant; thanks to my Mum who gifted my Consultancy to me.

In the time since, I’ve found it to be super easy to use, light to carry when I need it to travel, compact to pack away (for those rare occassions our kitchen table is used for dinner guests) as well as being multi tasking. I’ve now had the opportunity to compare my Ezy Press with some of the other Brands out there in the market, and while those Brands are certainly more popular (given how many are out there!) I’m not sold on them after using this machine. The biggest features that have cinched my loyality are the storage features as well as being compact when not in use.

But don’t take my word for it…well you can and I won’t mind if you do truth be told; though I would like to show off some of the YouTube videos highlighting the Ezy Press so you can be unbiased and decide for yourself. Sound fair?






For me this is a gem of a tool to work with and has certainly aided me in improving my Skill Set over the last year and a bit. I understand we’re all loyal to a certain machine or brand, which is fantastic! Hopefully these videos explain just slightly why I’m an Ezy Press Crafter through and through.

Till next time!! xx


Oooh I love D Day…in this house it’s Delivery Day, something to look forward to and enjoy!

happy dance

It also means my level of self control has to kick up a notch or ten depending on what I need to finish before I open up my latest delivery from Kaszazz and play with my goodies. Easier said than done more times than not.

Then it’ll be onto making the Sample Cards for the Mother’s Day Card Class this Sunday, as well as meeting my Scrap Page Challenge I’ve set myself. Should be an interesting couple of days ahead.

Till next time!! xxx

Funky Rainbow Trees

Funky Rainbow Trees Cards

Aren’t these just adorable? I do love simple cards that are bright and pop a smile on your face. Which is one of the reasons I love these Funky Rainbow Trees by Katie Healey. This is one of the many Make & Take Projects offered by Kaszazz, and this week I’m doing up a few of them to show you how stunning they can look in different colour combinations and different sentiments.


MT574 Funky Rainbow Trees created by Kaszazz Consultant Katie Healey

This Project still uses a number of materials, from Ink Blending, Stamping, Matting and adding some dimension with the Glitter on the leaves of the tree. The bonus is, it’s still super easy to make. That’s one of the reasons it is a Make & Take Project.

Which colour do you like the most?


Till next time!! xxx