Brrrr Welcome to Winter/June

I’m guessing Mother Nature thought she’d deliver Winter to us a few days earlier than the calendar may have me believing it should start, as it’s been a bit on the chilly side of life for the last few mornings.


And that’s as much of the whinge as you’ll get from me as Winter in Queensland is far more mild than those experienced by my Southern relatives, and one of the main reasons I migrated nearly 18 years ago!

Being the first of June also means State of Origin kicks off tonight! *happy dance*


I’m an AFL girl; I still struggle to follow the rules while I watch Rugby and tonight’ll be no different. But when it comes to the Clash of the States (Queensland vs New South Wales) I do sit up and take notice…and cheer on the guys in blue which is easy enough to remember. Thank goodness I’ve got friends up here who are of the same mentality as I.


Tonight will be full of messages back and forth on the mobiles & more than likely on Facebook; some will be Booyah!! Others will be boooooo. All a bit of fun and games, literally. Ahh, love it!!

To all my Queenslander friends and inlaws….GO BLUES!!!


Party Time!

Oh what a night! Ok how many of us actually sung that? Me!!!


My ‘Office’ during my Launch Party

Last night I took a leap of faith and launched my Business Online via my Facebook Launch Party. There were times there I felt like I was walking off a cliff into the void below, but I think, all in all, I can pat myself on the back and call it a success. I think.

My biggest headache/panic button pressing moment was just before I was due to kick it all off and suddenly I couldn’t find my own Event! WHAT THE……….(yes, you can insert as many expletives as you please in here…probably still not close to what I was muttering)

too dang cosy!!!

I had to move to the other side of our Lounge…thank goodness for ‘portable Offices’…lol Got a little too warm next to our little fireplace

Add to that, I ran about 15 minutes over the appointed finishing time…yikes! Is this a problem? For me it is; I value my time hence I value the time others share with me in the process. So going overtime for me is an issue. It also shows me I need to either a) book in an hour instead of 45 minutes to Party or b) show less products than the 8 I had lined up.

I’ll have to think on this one. I’ll keep you posted on how that turns out.

All in all, I’m dang glad I’ve done the first one and now I can relax a little, and start planning the next one for hmmmm, shall we say August? Between now and then I’d like to invite you visit my Page and ‘Like’ it so you can keep up to speed in ‘real time’ how insane and fun this really is!

Till Next Time! xx


Techie Tuesday ~ Smooshing

I LOVE Smooshing!! I didn’t have an inkling about this Technique until recently truth be told, but it’s right up my alley…messy, wet, colourful and did I say messy? C’mon, you know if there’s a messy Technique out there I’m all for it.


To begin with, I honestly couldn’t see much of a difference between Smooshing and Water Colouring with Ink Pads. But there are a few differences, especially in the end result. You do have more control with Smooshing as you direct where you want your colours to go.

Smoosh me

Smooshing over Heat Embossed Sentiment

Watercolour Me

Watercolour Techniques

There’s a few simple tools you’ll need to jump right in and get ‘smooshy’. It’s really not that tricky, but a world of fun. Word of warning…wear messy clothes that you don’t mind getting inked/wet and have a roll of paper towel handy; very handy!

All you need is;

  • Watercolour Card is preferred, though any cardstock will do in a pinch (I’ve tried and succeed more than not)
  • Distress Ink Pads – as Distress Inks are designed to react with water, these are perfect for this technique!
  • Plastic or Acetate Sheet – this is your #1 Smoosher Tool
  • Non Stick Craft Mat or other waterproof surface that is easily wiped clean. Trust me, this is a must. You’ll thank me later.

Now there are a number of Smooshing Techniques, but my must have/go to Tech is this one I’ll attempt to explain in easy to follow steps. (fingers crossed!)

  • Pat your Distress Ink Pad directly to your Plastic or Acetate Sheet. You want smaller amounts of colour in one spot ideally.
  • Spritz your Plastic/Acetate with some water to make your colour run. Not too much, as you want to maintain some control over the colour.
  • Apply directly to the areas on your dry Watercolour Paper/Card and ‘smoosh’ till you’re happy with the coverage. (Smoosh is just another term for rubbing your colour over the card, and being on a Plastic Sheet you can see exactly where you’re at colour wise.)
  • Wipe your Plastic/Acetate Sheet with some Paper Towel to clear off any remaining Ink then repeat with your second colour.

If your colours ‘run’ into each other, that’s a good thing. You don’t want your Card to be too wet unless you do want a full watercolour effect. Keep mixing your colours till you’re happy with how your work looks. Set aside to dry and then the world is yours for the taking! Mother's Day Watercolour Card

The reason I love this version of Smooshing is I have the control of where the colours are going. I can see while I’m in the act so there’s less chance of a surprise when I’m not looking.

Have a look at the following YouTube links for other ideas and ways of Smooshing. I’m sure you’ll find one that you are more comfortable with…then you too can enjoy this messy Technique as much as I do!

Till Next Time!! xx


Not all Card is created equal

When I was creating our wedding invites I started to learn that not all cards and papers are the same. Suddenly gsm figures were meant to be important and which way the paper or card was ‘running’ became necessary information that up to that point in my life I’d been oblivious to. Thankfully our Best Man works with a major Photocopier Provider and was able to give me the ‘Idiots Guide to…’ rundown so I sounded at least like I knew what I was talking about.

Now I’m a little more educated and I learnt quick smart that there is a difference to the feel of different cards and papers. The ones I’d been buying at our local Variety Stores was certainly ‘cheaper’ feeling than that I’d been ordering through my Kaszazz Consultancy. Honestly, GSM didn’t come into the equation, they just ‘felt’ different. And neither The Man or I wanted our invites to feel ‘cheap’.

So I thought today I’d give you a brief rundown on the gsm figures of the different cards and papers supplied via Kaszazz. It does come in handy when I’m running something through the Ezy Press to die cut knowing if that die will cut 2 or even 3 layers of card or paper or only 1 at a time. The lazy part of me prefers the multi cuts at once, but at least I am now aware of the difference without an expensive repair job being on cards (pardon the pun!)

Kaszazz SB Papers

Kaszazz has a beautiful, exclusive collection of double-sided SB Papers (12×12 inches = 305x305mm) that are printed on 190gsm acid free, lignin free cardstock. This is important to note for any paper or card you consider using for your Scrap Books as acid or lignin in your paper will react with your photos over time and cause the photo images to fade. IMG_3605 (2)

Kaszazz SB Essentials 12×12

The colourful range of Cardstock offered as the Kaszazz SB Essentials is a 216gsm, acid free cardstock with a ‘canvas’ texture on one side and a smooth texture on the other.

IMG_3607 (2)

Kaszazz SB Essentials 12×12 Card


Kaszazz SB Essentials Bling 12×12

Available in Black, Silver, White or Opal our gorgeous shimmery 216gsm card will certainly add some sparkle and glam to your page or cards.

Kaszazz SB Essentials Foil 12×12

Perfect for photo mats, you have a choice of Silver or Gold shiny 235gsm foil card for your next project.

Kaszazz SB Pages 12×12

Smooth surface pages perfect for your scrapping needs. Available in Ivory (250gsm) or Oatmeal (216gsm) makes the perfect base.

Specialty Papers

Kaszazz offers a great range of Specialty Papers to add that extra something to your cards or pages.

Plastic Sheets are A4 size. Not acid or lignin free so advisable to not have in direct contact with photo images.

IMG_2780 (3)

StayzOn Opaque Cotton White stamped onto Plastic Sheet.

Vellum Paper A4 size 112gsm

Shimmer Paper and Shimmer Card for those special occasions where a little extra ‘wow’ is needed. Shimmer Paper is A4 size and 120gsm while the Shimmer Card is also A4 size with a 250gsm.

IMG_1513 (2)

Watercolour Paper used for the Stamped Image, SB Paper and Card Basics White used for the Card itself.

Watercolour Paper is designed to get wet making it great to use with watercolour pencils and the range of Distress Inks and Paints plus Dylusions Ink Sprays. Available in A6, A4 or 12×12 sizes with a 300gsm.

Kaszazz Card Essentials A5

Available in packs of 30 and in a choice of Vanilla, Black or White these cards are all pre-cut to A5 size with a 216gsm the same as the 12×12 Sheets.

Kaszazz Card Basics

Gloss and Oatmeal Card Packs are 20 A5 sheets of 216gsm card with a smooth, versatile surface to work with.


Card Basics White for the Card Base and Stamped Image, Gloss Card for the background.

The Basics Card Packs in White or Ivory are 250gsm A5 cards. The White is available in 20 or 100 Packs in the A5 size, or in a 20 Pack in A4 size. The Ivory is only available in a 20 A5 Pack.

I hope this has helped elevate some of the confusion for you. I still am unable to tell you by the feel what gsm a card or paper has but I can tell you if the quality is something I’m more than happy to use.

Till Next Time!! xx




Party, party, party

This is going to be a HUGE week ahead!

I’m stepping outside, way outside I might add, my comfort zone this week and hosting my Facebook Launch Party in two more sleeps.


This is the main reason I’ve been running around like a headless chook and making so many different Cards & Boxes. The resulting creative mess is nothing…as long as The Man doesn’t plan on throwing a dinner party in the next week, I’m pretty sure I’m safe. Hahahaha, I’ll rephrase that, I AM SAFE!!! 8b7ea68bfe70cfe1e93cf5edcb01dcbd

Time now for a coffee and a quick call to my Gran then kick this week into gear and make it my own.

Happy Sunday!!

sunday well

Till Next Time!! xx


Fun & Games from this week

Been a busy week crafting wise. A few new, challenging #cards made up, new tips picked up and utilised, new orders taken and more cards posted to their new owners. I’ve also been taking part in a #5DayCardChallenge with a Group on Facebook that’s been inspiring. Each day you post up a new card you’ve made, preferably that day, but older cards are allowed. To see so many talented ladies and gents sharing their beautiful work, it is certainly encouraging me to step outside that trusty Comfort Zone again.

All in all, a brilliant week!

Here’s my Week in Review.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

How’d your week go? Please feel free to share your creativity with me so we can inspire each other.

Till Next Time!! xx

397 Projects for You to Do!

I do love it when Kaszazz releases new Workshops and Make & Takes for me to share with everyone. I also get to have some Play Time and make up new Samples to display and share. Happy, happy!! 2H1832-FloralWreathCards-6x4-PROMOPIC

Just finished uploading the new Workshops to my Facebook Album and noticed we now have 397 2 Hour Workshops to select from! WOW! That’s a massive amount of variety to pick from and be inspired by. And each of the Workshops you can do with some friends and keep! 2H1830-ICantStopSmiling12x12Layout-6x4-PROMOPIC

I do love these new ones as well…will need to wait for my next order before I can have some Play Time with them, but I’m guessing it’ll be worth the wait!

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What do you think? Drop me a line and let me know. And drop by my Facebook Page to say ‘Hi’. A Like would be nice too if you feel that way inclined.

Till Next Time! xx

Self Imposed Scrap Challenge

I’m a glutton for punishment, I’ll be honest. As an Independent Kaszazz Consultant the thought of not being able to show some Scrap Pages that I’ve made myself is horrific. After all, would trust someone who couldn’t or wouldn’t do something that you’re attempting to do yourself as a coach or mentor? I certainly wouldn’t!

So I set myself a Challenge where Scrapping is concerned. I aim to complete a Scrap Page a fortnight and share the journey with you. This kills two birds with one stone as they say. May I add, no actual birds are damaged/harmed/hunted in any way during this Challenge…even if The Man wants to destroy the Indian Minors that love to sit outside our windows. Moving on.

IMG_2578 (2)

For me Scrap Pages are beautiful and my personal White Whale. I’ve attempted a few Pages over the past year, to no avail. I find it difficult to like anything on them no matter how others admire and gush. I’ve got a Pinterest Board full of inspiration and layout ideas, again, to no avail. It’s great that it’s there, but none of them ‘call’ to me.

So…until I started this Challenge, I was stuck. Now I actually miss not doing a Page! Weird or what!?! At least now I feel more of credible when discussing Scrapping with others. For me, that’s important.

What is your personal ‘White Whale’ where Scrapping or Cards is concerned? I’d love to hear that I’m not alone with this. Drop me a line and say ‘Hi’, or if you’d like to join me in my Challenge or just to send a Smiley Face. Please do! Would love to find you on Pinterest too so we can swap ideas.

Till Next Time!! xx


Techie Tuesday – How to emboss Texture Paste

Until a few weeks ago I was of the belief I couldn’t use Embossing Powders with Texture Paste and a Heat Tool….and then Kaszazz released some new Make & Take Projects (MT611 & MT612) and I’ve seen the light! It can be done, it has been done and better yet, it looks amazing!


Now you’re asking, “Well? How do I do it?” Would you believe me if I said it was super quick and easy? You will need your Texture Paste, chosen Embossing Powder, Spatula and Stencil to use over your preferred Card or Paper Stock. Oh and a Heat Tool, which does come in handy. You may find it useful to have a small brush handy to brush away excess Embossing Powder.

  1. Place your Stencil over your Card or Paper you wish to decorate. I tape the edges to my non stick craft mat with washi tape, as I’m a little too un-co to not move my stencil.
  2. Use your Spatula to apply a thin layer of Texture Paste over your Stencil. Depending on your desired result you can either ensure it is all smooth, or leave it rough and uneven at this stage.
  3. Remove your Stencil before sprinkling your chosen Embossing Powder over the Texture Paste. I haven’t used my Static Puff Away Pillow prior to this step as I’m not sure I’ve needed it. Once coated, shake off excess Powder and use your small brush to brush off any remaining Powder from your base.
  4. Pre heat your Heat Tool for 10-20 seconds prior to slowly moving to and fro over your Texture Paste from a little more distance than you would usually use. It is normal for the Texture Paste to ‘bubble’ as it’s heated. You can apply a light pressure while it’s still warm if you’d prefer a ‘flat’ look. I leave mine to settle on it’s own…part of the appeal.IMG_3383 (2)

And you’re done! Told you it was super easy! How’d you go? What do you think of this Technique?

I’ve used it now not just for my Samples of the Make & Takes, but to add a finishing ‘metallic’ touch to a friend’s Birthday Card. I do love the way the Bronze Embossing Powder looks once heated.IMG_3379 (2)

Would love to see your own version of this Technique if you’d like to share an image…or more, in the Comments.

Till Next Time!! xx



6 Items you need for DIY Cards

Yes, there really is only 6 things you need to start creating your own Cards. Of course, depending on the style of Cards you wish to make will depend on the ‘extras’ you invest in, but to kick off making your own Cards all you need is;

  • Paper Trimmer – I love my Kaszazz Paper Trimmer as my older rotary trimmer loves to gift me with blisters the longer I use it. index
  • Double Sided Tape (adhesive) – You can use glue sticks, liquid glue (Glossy Accents), Hot Glue Gun or any form of adhesive you like. I have found for Cards Double Sided Tape is a blessing and a half. G00002177_92270
  • Stamps – I love my Kaszazz Stamps that ‘cling’ easily to my blocks, though I do use from time to time clear stamps depending on my needs. If you like, you can also use digistamps though I have no idea where you can find them. Might pay to visit Google for that one. img_2444
  • Ink Pads – My first ink pads were Tuxedo Black Momento, Fired Brick and Pine Needles Distress Ink Pads and I still love using them! kaszazz-padstow-arts-crafts-retailers-selection-of-tim-holtz-seasonal-distress-ink-pads-refills-f530-300x0
  • Cardstock – Either a Card Pack of precut cardstock, or 12×12 Card. It’s a matter of personal preference and the style of your card. paper
  • Acid Free Papers – Must Have Item…great for Fussy Cutting any images to use on your Card or to add an interesting background quickly and easily.

With these simple tools and materials you can quickly and easily start crafting your own Greeting Cards for friends and family. Far easier than running to the store to find the ‘right’ card in a hurry.

Is there anything you’d add to this list? Or change? Leave me a comment to let me know. Would love to update this again in the near future.

Till Next Time!! xx