How To Create It Yourself ~ Exploding Gift Box Tutorial

I’m sure this Tutorial didn’t want to be done today…that or the Universe was telling me to leave it today and try again tomorrow, but tomorrow I’m focusing on other things, so today it is. My frustration at the constant interruptions, phone calls, Google Docs dictation translations (some of them just make me laugh) and then not saving over 3/4 of my dictation..I think I’ve managed to pull it altogether pretty well. Fingers crossed…after all, you’re the Judge on this one. 😉

The original clip I saw for this Box/Card was from Pootles Papercraft, and I loved it enough to Kaszazz it and share the results with you. Time to buckle in and enjoy the ride. Would love to see what you create yourself, so please share your photos on my Facebook Page. 🙂

You’ll Need:

15.2cm X 15.2cm of SB Essentials Card for your Base. (6” x 6”)

10.1cm x 101cm of SB Essentials Card for your Lid. (4” x 4”)

20cm x 4cm SB Paper trimmed to 5 Square pieces each measuring 4cm x 4cm. (7 7/8” x 1 5/8”)

20 ½ cm x 4 ½ cm Co-ordinating SB Essentials Card for Matting trimmed to 5 Square pieces each measuring 4 ½ cm x 4 ½ cm (8 1/8 “ x 1 7/8”)

Super Tape 6mm

Glossy Accents

Paper Trimmer

Envelope Punch Board or Corner Rounder Punch


Bone Folder or other Scoring Tool

Supplies for Exploding Gift Box

How To:

Creating the Base & Lid

For your Base, Score one side at 5cm (2”). Turn your Card 90° and repeat until all four sides have been Scored. For your Lid, Score each side at 2 ½ cm (1”) Fold & Burnish your Score Lines to create crisp, sharp lines.

For your Base: Cut away the four outside corner Squares on the Score Lines to create a Cross Shape.

For your Lid: Create Wedged Tabs on the four outside Corners. I find the wedge shape makes for a neater finished product and is easier to ‘line up’ your edges.

I’ve used Glossy Accents to attach my Tabs to the create the Lid, though you are able to achieve the same result by using the Super Tape as an alternative. I find when I’m adhering Card to Card, Glossy Accents shows me some ‘wiggle room’ and allows me to make the necessary adjustments so everything is square and just right.

Line up each Tab with the edge of the piece it will be adhered to and ‘wriggle’ around till everything is lined up perfectly. This is possible with Glossy Accents. With Super Tape, line your corners up prior to adhering together.

You can now set your Lid aside and move onto Punching and creating your decorations.

Punching & Decorating:

Using either your Envelope Punch Board or Corner Rounder Punch, Punch the top two corners on each side of your Base to create a curved finish.

Repeat this Step with each of the 4cm x 4cm pieces of SB Paper for the inside, plus the 4 ½ cm x 4 ½ cm SB Essentials Card you’ll be using for Matting. For the piece of SB Paper and SB Essentials Card for the Lid, punch and round all four corners.

Using Super Tape, adhere an SB Paper Square with a piece of SB Essentials Card, ensuring your rounded corners are at the top. Repeat till all your individual pieces are “paired up”. Attach each Mat to an inside ‘wall’ of your Box using Super Tape. You should now have an elegant looking border around your SB Paper on the inside of your Box Base.

Adhere the remaining Mat (with all four corners rounded) to the middle of the top of your Lid.


Fold up each side of your Box Base and slip the Lid over the top till it sits flush. You’ve now finished your own Exploding Gift Box. Decorate as you desire to suit the purpose required. This makes a great little gift for Teachers, Co workers, Hostess Gifts and will be perfect for little Christmas Presents.



I’ve adapted this Tutorial to suit Kaszazz Products. The inspiration has come from Pootles Papercraft originally.

If you’d like a PDF version of this Tutorial please send me a message with your email address. 🙂

Adapted by Cari Neill, CraftyCAN, Independent Kaszazz Consultant #109477



Techie Tuesday ~ Scoring

I was originally going to do a Post today about Easel Fold Cards and the variety of styles there are for one of my favourite Folding Styles.


And then I was thinking, well that’s more of a Style than a Technique, but to make them you really need to have the Techniques right with measuring and scoring. So….today I’m covering one of the Basic Techniques you’ll use for either Cardmaking or Scrapping.

Now there are different ways you can Score your Cards & Papers. I use the Paper Trimmer from Kaszazz for trimming and scoring, and that works well for me. I’ve never used a Scoring Board, though I can see the appeal. Personally, I love using my Paper Trimmer. But that’s me. 😉

Scoring is important, especially for the Easel Cards. Scored Lines over just folding looks far more professional and ‘finished’. This is true for Cards, Gift Boxes, Embellishments…anything that requires a crisp, sharp fold.

A bone folder, bonefolder, or folding bone is a dull-edged hand tool used to fold and crease material in crafts such as bookbinding,[1][2] cardmaking,[3] origami,[4] and other paper crafts that require a sharp crease or fold.

To Score, you can use a blunt knife if you are just starting out..but a Bone Folder is certainly a Tool you’ll want to be investing in sooner than later. It just makes life so much easier as well as giving your work the finished, professional look setting your Craft into the ‘Handmade’ over ‘Homemade’ category.

Jim, from The Gentleman Crafter has a few quick videos showing different Bone Folders and Scoring that I thought I’d share with you today. 🙂 Great Tip on how to not ‘break’ your Card or Paper when you fold from a Score too. 🙂

Hope these help you with your Techniques, especially if you’re just starting out in Papercraft. I can honestly say, the right Tools and Techniques makes my Crafting Life soooo much easier and enjoyable. 🙂

Till Next Time!! xx

How To…make your own Gift Card Wallet

One Card I’ve seen a lot of on Pinterest and Instagram lately are Wallet Cards. Yet finding easily understood and usable instructions has been a little trickier, so the other day I decided to just ‘wing it’ and see how I went.

Then I got to thinking while my Online Event was happening the other night “I can’t be the only person out there looking for instructions…” and the rest…well, not quite History yet, but I’m working on it! 😉 For now, I’ll just share my notes on making these pretty awesome, snazzy Gift Card wrapping option with you…then we can all take over the World.

Gift Card Wallet

To make this up you’ll need;

1 Sheet of SB Essentials 12″ x 12″ Card

Paper Trimmer

Bone Scorer

Fine Liner Pen or Gel Pen


Corner Rounder Punch

Glossy Accents

6mm Super Tape Double Sided Tape


How To:

  1. Trim your Card pieces first. Cut one piece to measure 28cm x 10cm (Score at 14cm), one piece to measure 30cm x 9cm (Score at 13.8cm), one piece to measure 12cm x 9cm, one piece to measure 10cm x 2½cm and the final piece to measure 6cm x 1cm.
  2. Round the Corners on the 28cm x 10cm piece of Card. Fold and Burnish your Score Line. This is the Main Body of your Wallet.
  3. Score the 30cm x 9cm and the 12cm x 9cm pieces on both sides and on the bottom 1½cm from the edge of the Card. Fold and Burnish all Score Lines. This creates the Flaps to attach these sections to your Main Body. On both pieces you’ll have a little square on the bottom corner; remove and mitre your corners to sit nicer when the little flaps are folded in.
  4. Attach your larger Card piece to the Main Body using either Super Tape or Glossy Accents. This piece should sit in a smidge from the edge of your Main Body. IMG_6639 (2)
  5. Repeat Step 4 to Attach the Gift Card Pocket on the Right Hand Side of your Inner Wallet. *Tip – I actually positioned my credit card in the pocket to ensure I had a Pocket at the end of the day.*
  6. Flip your Wallet over so the outside is facing up towards you. Now the fun part of positioning where you’d like your ‘tongue’ to go. This will depend on how you wish the Wallet to open. I’ve positioned my ‘tongue’ on the Left Side with the Hoop on the Right. The choice, as always, is yours.
    1. Curl your ‘tongue’ with your Bone Scorer so it’s easier to work with. Hold your ‘tongue’ where you would like to position and gently bend over the open edge of your Wallet. When you’re happy with the positioning, Attach to the back of your Wallet with Super Tape.
    2. Curl your smallest piece of Card (6cm x 1cm) and gently fold the ends under. Position so your ‘tongue’ is sitting inside the Hoop. I attached mine 2cm from the edge. Once you’re satisfied with the position, attach with Super Tape.
  7. Now to decorate! You can add a photo on the inside of your Wallet along with the Gift Card of choice and any little notes inside. Using either a Fine Liner or Gel Pen, draw small dashes around the edges as ‘seams’ or ‘stitches’ on the inside and around the edges of your ‘tongue’ and Hoop on the outside.
  8. Close and gift! 

This really is a quick and easy Project. I’m thinking of adding some Dry Embossing on one using a Stencil and my Ezy Press to see how that goes. I’ll also be doing some Ink Blending around the edges and folds for the next one to add some ‘age’ to the overall look and feel. You can also Heat Emboss the initials on the Front or on the Inside Pockets. The options are nearly endless. And it pretty much goes without saying all Products used are Kaszazz.

If you do make this up, please brag and show us how awesome you and your Wallet are! Would love to see what you come up with. 🙂

Till Next Time….Happy Crafting!! xx


PS….Bling Gift Tags

I worked it out today!! I’ve used one the new Winter Wonderland SB Papers to make up a little Envelope/Pouch to hold these little Tags in!!!

Easy enough to make up….follow the instructions on the Envelope Punch Board for the smallest Envelope (I think it’s 12.7cm x 12.7cm; punch & score at 5.1cm) and after punching and scoring, trim off one of the narrow end flaps.

Close up your sides, loosely. You still want to be able to slide all 4 Tags into the same envelope after all.

To decorate I’ve used a length of the Metallic Tape Silver Glitter around the middle of the closed Pouch (The Man calls these Glam Bands….not Belly Bands), then I cut a 4cm x 4cm piece of Pool SB Essentials and a piece of White Basics Card (scraps) punched out with our Large Square Punch. I’ve stamped the ‘Sparkle and Shine’ Stamp in Archival Aquamarine Ink on the White Square before Mounting both Squares using our Magic Mount Double Sided Foam.

Pop the Gift Tags inside and step back to pat yourself on the back. 🙂 I certainly did a Happy Shuffle when I’d finished today.

On that note, seeing as it’s nearly midnight local time I better grab some zzzzz’s.

Till Next Time….Happy Crafting!! xx

How To: Bling Gift Tags

I’ve done it!!! I’m no fan of writing up instructions for projects…it’s a big speed bump for me, yet I have no idea why. So when I can successfully sit down and type up instructions with very little effort I’m over the moon! Either that or I’m instantly suspicious that I’ve left something out or something else isn’t adding up. Hence my excitement to kick off today’s Post.

I really enjoyed making up these Gift Tags. These are actually the Prize for playing Alphabet Soup during my Online Event last night. Once I finished making them though I just kept going. They are THAT fun to make! 

IMG_6676 (2)

All Products I’ve used for these Tags is from the Winter Wonderland Collection recently released by Kaszazz. Contact me directly if you’d like further information on the Winter Wonderland Stamps or SB Papers.

Bling Gift Tags

To make these up you’ll need;

  • 4 pieces of White Card measuring 9cm x 5cm
  • Winter Wonderland Word Montage Stamp Set
  • Alice Uncut Stamp Set
  • Wonderland Deer Uncut Stamp Set
  • Archival Ink Pads
    • Viridian, Aquamarine and Rose Madder
  • Alcohol Ink Art Markers
    • Blush and Powder
  • Metallic Tape, Silver Glitter 2 lengths approx 10cm each
  • Corner Rounder Punch or Envelope Punch Board
  • Single Hole Punch
  • 4 lengths of Seam Binding Ribbon measuring approx 15cms each

How To;

  1. Using the Chisel Point of the Alcohol Ink Art Markers colour one length of Metallic Tape, Silver Glitter with Blush and the other with the Powder AIAMs. Set aside.
  2. Stamping your Tags
    1. Tag 1) Stamp your Celebrate along the Right Edge in Rose Madder Archival Ink. Imagine you’ve already attached your Glitter Tape to position your Oval Shape Hanging Baubles on the Upper Left Side of your Tag. Use the Rose Madder Archival Ink to stamp. Set aside.
    2. Tag 2) Again using the Rose Madder Archival Ink, stamp your Eat, Drink & Be Happy close to the centre of your Tag. To stamp the little Pine Tree from the Alice Uncut Stamp Set, use Viridian Archival Ink Pad and position in the Lower Left corner of your Tag. Set aside.
    3. Tag 3) Use your Sparkle & Shine Stamp in Aquamarine Archival Ink closer to the bottom of your Tag and slightly off centre. Using the same Aquamarine, stamp the Round Hanging Baubles on the Upper Left Side (same as for Tag 1). Set aside.
    4. Tag 4) Stamp your Hugs & Kisses stamp in Aquamarine Archival Ink in the Bottom Left Corner of your Tag. In the opposite Upper Right Corner (position as Tags 1 & 3) stamp the Birds Hanging Baubles also in Aquamarine Archival Ink. Set aside.
  3. Trim your Metallic Tape Glitter lengths to measure approx 5cm each. Position and attach each Powder coloured piece on Tags 3 & 4 along the Top Edge. Repeat with the Blush pieces for Tags 1 & 2.
  4. Using either the Envelope Punch Board or a Corner Rounder Punch, punch the corners on each Tag so all four Tags have nicely rounded corners and no sharp edges. There should be virtually no resistance from your Punch when using it on the Metallic Tape sections.
  5. Punch a single hole in the Glitter area at the top of each Tag so you are able to thread your Ribbon through and complete your Tags. Again, there should be virtually no resistance while you’re punching through the Glitter. Thread a Pre Cut Ribbon length through each Tag one at a time. Tie off with either a knot or bow, whichever you prefer.

YAY…you’re now the proud owner of some rather snazzy Bling Gift Tags!!

IMG_6680 (2)

Hope you’ve enjoyed making these Gift Tags…as I said, super easy and a lot of fun. I haven’t added the small Envelope in this tutorial as the SB Paper I used (Elegance Collection) is heading to ‘Tahiti’ when the current Catalogue expires in mid September. I’ll work out an alternative in the near future and let you know the details. 🙂

Please drop me a line and share a pic of your completed Tags either here in the Comments or on my Facebook Page. Would love to see your creations!

Till Next Time!! xx Happy Crafting!!




Taking a moment…

Every August Brisbane has the Royal Agricultural Show on in town…we call it The Ekka…beats me as to why, it’s a Queensland thing I’m thinking. I may live here, and have for more than a decade now, but I’m still a New South Wales born Victorian. 🙂 Confused?? Trust me, it explains oh so much. 😉 Anyhoo, traditionally when it’s Ekka time, we get some fierce Westerly Winds sweeping through the region…Ekka starts this coming Friday, winds started last night. So today literally is a whirlwind of pretty much everything.

Ekka Wheel

What a start to August it’s been too. The Kaszazz World is buzzing with new special offers, as per usual….rightio, got that, to be expected….but as we say Adiós mid September to the current Catalogue and Project Book there’s the trepidation/excitement attached with the upcoming new Catalogue. Yesterday saw the List of Tahiti Bound Retirees from the 2015 Catalogue and Project Book….not that Kaszazz called it that, but I think that sounds more snazzy than List of Retiring Products.

Not a huge List, I think last year’s List was nearly 17 pages. Only five pages this year though we are having over 80 New Products heading our way come September 16th. WOW!!! That really does soften the blow of losing some loved and precious stamps…and SB Papers. I’m actually quite shocked at some of the Retirees, but wait….there’s more!!

Sorry, now I sound like an Infomercial….and it’s not even two in the morning! 😀


Today saw the early release (again) of our August New Products!! OMG….Super Cuteness Alert!! All nerves for tonight’s Online Event have diminished due to Super Cuteness and Awwwwwww. Can understand now why Kaszazz has set some of the SB Papers bound for, well I’ll say Tahiti; sounds nicer than retirement doesn’t it?

I’m super glad now I popped my top up order in this afternoon instead of this morning. See, the Universe knew there was something around the corner for me to fall in love with…that and it was too dang windy for my Naughty Knees to work this morning. I’m just hoping now my order will arrive before our Public Holiday next Wednesday. Should be here Tuesday, but Brisbane being Brisbane, and The Ekka being The Ekka, every surrounding local council has a different Public Holiday during next week. So hoping our Mail Centre isn’t due for theirs till after my delivery! Oooh super selfish, sorry…..but then I can share with you first hand the new SB Papers!!! See, I’m looking out for you, honest. 😉 You believe me right?

Time to go and prep myself some dinner, then get cozy and ready to work tonight while celebrating the awesome and amazing men in our lives. Kinda wish we did Father’s Day twice a year…don’t think we celebrate these men enough. Ok, shoot me if you like. I’ll understand…hehehe

IMG_6676 (2)


Tomorrow I’ll do up the Tutorial for my cute Prize that’s heading to a new home tonight. It’s the cause of The Man going to work last night with Glitter through his hair…oops, me bad? He wants a head massage as he wakes up that’s cool….I’m not responsible for how much Glitter has stuck to me no matter how many times I’ve washed and dried my hands…it’s Glitter, it’s more temperamental than an old alley cat!

On that note…HAPPY CRAFTING!!







The Week that Was

Wow, Friday already! Where on earth did this week go? Actually, where did July go? I’m sure I didn’t sleep through a few days on end anywhere in there…would’ve loved to, but pretty confident I didn’t.

How was your week? Did you tick everything off your To Do List that you’d planned, or did Life throw you a curveball along the way?

I planned on having a lot more done this week, I just can’t seem to figure out what happened to throw that all in the air. Oh well, onward and upward. 🙂 No use crying over spilt milk….do cry over spilt Glossy Accents! Not that I’ve spilt any…or cried over it yet.

I have managed to make up some more Samples this week, setting aside all the Cards at least for the Online Market I’m hosting on Wednesday night (Aussie Time) and arranged a revolving door Event for friends to join in making Christmas Cards for our Troops to send home to their loved ones this Festive Season. So I’ve managed to pop a few ticks on that To Do List…I just can’t seem to shake the feeling it just doesn’t feel enough.

Hope you enjoy the slides of this week’s creations and misadventures…actually not too sure on adding the misadventures only as I’m not sure any of the photos survived. 😉

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Have an awesome Weekend full of smiles and peace. Happy Crafting!!

Till Next Time!! xx


Flourish Bonbonniere

One of the reasons I love being an independent consultant with Kaszazz is how easy and versatile so many of the Projects are. Between that and the right tools, my crafting looks pretty good. 🙂

The Flourish Bonbonniere (MT326) is one of the free Make & Take projects Kaszazz has on offer. This was designed originally by another independent consultant, Meredith Lane.I love how simple, easy, quick and wow this looks when completed. Quick? You bet it is. I whipped 3 up in less than 15 minutes. 🙂


For one of these little triangle boxes I’ve used the Fancy Flourish Stamp (4222KK) as instructed in Wilted Violet Distress Ink. For the other two I’ve used the Snowflake Stamp from the new Snowy & Friends Set (4943Q) as part of the Winter Wonderland Collection recently released. I must admit, I am in love with the Snowflake Stamp after using it today. I hadn’t thought of using it on two of the boxes, but after stamping the first one in Peacock Feathers Distress Ink I just knew I had to do a second one with it. So I used Cornflower Blue Archival Ink and repeated stamping the background.

IMG_6266 (2)

For the Sentiments I’ve used our large Circle Hole Punch (4857) to punch out the phrases from both the Mini Messages Winter Wonderland (4934K) and Word Montage Winter Wonderland (4935M) Sets. I’m now thinking how adorable these are going to look on my table on Christmas Day with little goodies inside for the family to enjoy. Especially with the Silver Edge Ribbon (5528) which I can colour to suit the decor. (haven’t decided on our colour scheme for this year yet)

IMG_6268 (2)

Measurements are 13cm x 15cm x 7cm, so a decent size for some little treats. The idea behind this Bonbonniere is for traditional wedding setting through to birthday parties, Christmas Day dinners, small gifts for Teachers, Co-Workers, Neighbours or Secret Santa.

Well, that’s another of the Samples done up before I go to the Markets at the end of August. I’ll have to tally up how many more I have to recreate, but I can assure you, this one will be making an appearance before much longer around our home. IMG_6262 (2)

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading about the Flourish Bonbonniere. Drop me a line if you want to know more about any of the Kaszazz free Make & Takes, Workshops, Classes or products. Or even to find out more about these cute boxes.

Till Next Time!! xx



How To ~ Distress Paints


Hi ya! Wow I really am outta the swing of things this week…hehehe. Keeping us all on our toes though, which is never a really bad thing. Or is it?

This isn’t even close to the draft I made up yesterday…I’m winging it! This Post has come about though as I was trying to come up with some ideas last night and kept coming up empty. Well, for what I was attempting to focus on I was empty…ideas a plenty for everything else I wasn’t meant to be considering! Typical. But I got to thinking; “How am I meant to make the most out of my (limited) Distress Paints?”

IMG_6101 (2)

Thursday night’s uninspired Play while I was trying to work this Distress Paint out.

I’ve got some here, and apart from the very basic dab here, dab there stuff, I’ve never really seen much on how to use these to their fullest. And considering Kaszazz has just released another 12 Colours…I gotta get the hang of these! Well, until I did a Google search this morning! I even wrote myself a note last night to look up this How To this morning in case I forgot about it while I was sleeping.

Again I love Google for finding stuff out super quick and with minimal effort. And of course the YouTube listings started with The ‘Distress’ Man himself, Tim Holtz. Ok, who else would be able to ‘instruct’ me as well as Mr Holtz? Hmmm….I’ll get back to ya on that one. 😉 And after watching only two of his clips, I’m super excited!! Enough at least to go and play while making a cuppa and forgetting to make my cuppa!!

The fact that his CHA Clip includes the Glitter Rock Candy is almost perfect, as during last night’s play I actually used some on the Blueprint Sketch Distress Paint I’d applied to my Plastic Alice Stamp (I’d stamped her on a plastic sheet first.) Which had me thinking, this really was meant to be today’s Post instead of the draft I’d done up yesterday.

Without further ado, here’s the links that have inspired me to now go out and create some awesome, outta this world Father’s Day cards!!

Have an awesome, Crafty Friday ahead!! And an inspired Weekend too.

Till Next Time!! xx

Friday Fun & Nibbles

I love making up these little mugs..too big to be a cup, so definitely more of a mug size and far more suitable for the manly man man man (yes, too much X Files viewing has been had in the past!) Which is great, as these are being made up for Father’s Day Gifts for my own Father In Law (who is quite awesome!) as well as for my Facebook Online Party that’s not that far around the corner come to think of it! I’ll also need to make a lot more of these for the ‘real people’ market at the end of August that I’m doing for the very first time. Yippeeee!!


Now it appears the biggest issue I’m facing is to not snack on the goodies before I bag them! Mind you, having a lonely run away butterscotch or sultana on the craft mat isn’t cool….it’s actually just mean letting it sit there on it’s ownsome.

And as I don’t have anywhere near enough hidey holes, keeping the guys from nibbling on these is also going to be an issue over the coming weeks. Perhaps I’ll stick with these two filled for now and do the rest as required. Far easier to hide unopened packs in the back of the pantry than to hide made up mugs. You may need to remind me in the coming weeks where it was exactly that I hid the goodies. Goldfish memory being what it is!


Come to think of it, I’ll also need to stock up on Tissue Paper (sadly Kaszazz doesn’t stock it) so that I’m not filling the entire 8½cms of mug with lollies!

To create, these are super easy. I can comfortably make two out of a single 12 x 12″ SB Cardstock piece, including handles and tag, which is great for my overheads when it comes to pricing these little rippers. To decorate, I’m using one SB Paper Sheet (again 12 x 12″) to decorate three comfortably with a little left over. I’m sure if I was a little more frugal I could squeeze four mugs out of one SB Paper. Hmmm, might be my mission over the weekend. The handles are easily done two at a time through the Ezy Press with my Circle Dies, which is super handy considering I just made these two up on the spur of the moment. I just trimmed my left over SB Cardstock to fit my dies and popped two layers through at once. Worked like a dream. 

So…over to you. What do you think? Which appeals more…Butterscotch of Choc coated Sultanas? I’m honestly 50/50 on this one as both are delicious. The mug’s kinda cute too, but I’m more keen on the contents. 🙂

Till Next Time!! xx