New Make & Take Projects

I am loving the New Kaszazz Catalogue…I’m also loving all the new Workshops and Projects for the FREE Make & Takes that have been created by some of the very talented Consultants across Australia.

Today I’m planning on featuring the New Make & Take Projects with you. These are the FREE Projects we do at Markets, Festivals, Events and for our own Open Houses. These are a great way for people to come along and discover they CAN craft. πŸ™‚

Which is your favourite? Which one/s leap out at you for your attention?

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I’m asking as I’ve got no idea just yet as to a fave…they’re all just too cute and adorable and too perfect to pick one. Ahhh, First World Problem. πŸ™‚

Till Tomorrow!! xxx


Celebrating 50 Years

I’d like to introduce you to my Great Grandparents on my Gran’s Side of the Family Tree. The photo in today’s Page was taken on their 50th Wedding Anniversary in 1956.

I wasn’t too sure how I wanted to do a Page up for this Photo…I knew I wanted to do something ‘fresh’ and stay away from the more ‘heritage’ colour SB Papers. Looking at the finished Page, I’m quite chuffed.


The Layout itself was inspired by a search on Pinterest (as so many wonderful projects often are) and I feel bring out the ‘country’ feel of the SB Heartfelt Papers Kaszazz released late last year…wow that’s gone quick! Some have been Embossed with the Butterfly Embossing Folder and then touched up with the Ink Blending Foam and Aquamarine Archival Ink Pad, which I’ve blended into the edges of a number of the strips of Paper & Card.Β 

Still have a few journal notes to add before I’m ready to put this Page into the Album and say it’s done. I’ll just have to wait for my weekly chat with Gran to get some dirt…or not…on her parents.

Do you enjoy creating Heritage Pages? What sort of details do you like to add for future generations to read?Β 

Till Next Time!! xxx



Techie Tuesday ~ How To Emboss with Dies

It’s Techie Tuesday again….I love this time of the week, I really do. I did promise in the Holly Background Post that I would share with you How To create these stunning backgrounds yourself and this is it! πŸ˜€



First up, I’ll admit I did some Prep Work the night before by spritzing my Cards with a mix of Perfect Pearls and Water. I wanted a more ‘shimmery’ look for this Post. Mission accomplished. Without further ado, let’s craft!!


Perfect Pearls Spritzed over for a shimmery effect.

**Warning; this is a very photo heavy Post, so please bear with me if it’s taking longer to load than usual. There’s way too much background noise around the neighbourhood to do a video this time.**

  • Trim your Cardstock to a little larger than the size you require for your Card. All shall be revealed very shortly. You’ll want to trim an extra piece of Card (I’ve used White Cardstock) and attach with Glossy Accents or Super Tape so you have a thicker base.
  • Select the Dies you wish to use for your Background. This time I’ve chosen the two smaller Stars from the Stars Die Set by Kaszazz. Crank your Stack through your preferred Die Cutting & Embossing Machine. For my Ezy Press it’s the Pink Base Plate with the Blue Cutting Plate. * I know these Dies love to cut through, which is what I’m attempting to avoid; to aid in preventing this I’ve used a scrap of SB Paper over the top.
  • Don’t panic if your Dies are cutting through your Card Stack; we’ll fix that up very shortly and no one will be able to tell this has happened. Trust me…I asked The Man if he could see anything amiss with all 3 Cards I’ve created with this Technique, and he didn’t believe me that something was…until I showed him some photos. πŸ˜‰ Move your Dies to another position onΒ  your Card and Repeat the Previous Step until you’re happy with the coverage and positions.
  • Now to reattach your Jigsaw pieces (the pieces that cut through). I’ve used Glossy Accents as I’m attaching Card to Card. I also wanted to ensure my pieces were going to remain where they should be. Be generous, side spillage is fine as we’re trimming edges down before too long. πŸ˜‰ Attach your ‘Backing Base’ Card and smooth out for an even cover.
  • Once you’re confident your glue has dried, flip your design so the back is facing you and trim your edges to fit your chosen size Card. This is the easiest way to trim the edges without ‘gathering’ any bits of Card along the way. It’s taken a few attempts for me to work out this step. Worth every attempt. Trim off any stragglers with your scissors for a neater appearance. how-to-emboss-with-die-cuts-9
  • Now the fun part….DECORATE!!! I’ve added some Silver Edged Ribbon to the first Card as I wanted a more simple look. For the Card I made for this Post, I wanted to have a little more fun. I’ve Ink Blended the edges with Aquamarine Archival Ink (helps to hide any little straggly bits that escaped the scissors!) as well as Ink Blended the edges of my SB Paper Stars prior to using Magic Mount Foam to place them over the matching Stars. Because of the extra dimension I decided to use Super Tape to attach the Backing to the Card Base. The choice is always yours where this is concerned.

I’ve had a blast making these Cards. For my second one I’ve done some Heat Embossing on Vellum for my sentiment; the Shooting Star in Silver and Clear Embossing Powder over my Aquamarine Archival sentiment. Just for something a little fancy. I was considering adding a rhinestone brad, mine all have aged brass for the edge which just wouldn’t work this time, so I Heat Embossed that as well in the Silver. It wasn’t until I was moving everything around that I decided that’s a bit OTT, thankfully!!! But it can be done in case you were wondering.

I’m already planning some Cards using the New Leaf Die Kaszazz released with the New Catalogue over the weekend. I think that Die, and either of the New Flourish Dies (Small & Large) would look amazing as a Background done in this Technique. I’ll have to order them and find out with some trial and error….now do I tell The Man I’m in urgent need of supplies or do I wait till my supplies are actually diminished? Oooh, I’ll behave and wait, it’ll be worth it. πŸ˜€

Hope this has been easy to follow, and that you enjoy using this Technique for your Card Backgrounds and Scrap Layouts.

Till Next Time!! xxx


Scrap Challenge

Ooops, apologies for being a week late on my Self Imposed Scrap Challenge. My focus has been on re-arranging and re-organising, and it appears it’s paid off!! Yippee!! πŸ™‚

Today I’ve been more creative than I’ve been for the last couple of weeks…and yet, my Crafty Play Zone is still clean & tidy! Either I’m really sick (no comment…lol) or my plans have worked and this set up is certainly more conducive to my keeping everything tidy. I’ll go with Option 2 this time I think.

So today, after making up some cards, attempting to make a Ladybird Invite (I’ll work on that one some more tomorrow….not quite right yet) I then picked out some photos to do a Page with. The photos I chose are from last year…wow, actually nearly a year ago now…when we first took out the latest go-kart (Victor) to the track with our Housemate and The Man’s cousin. Was nice to have a few of our friends drop by for support and cheering throughout the morning we were trackside too. Great memories. Normally makes for a great Page right?


I knew I wanted to do some stencilling on this one, so I pulled out the Chevron Stencil and used Manganese Blue and Aquamarine Archival Ink Pads to Ink Blend up the Page. Now that I like!! I then spritzed some water on the Stencil and ‘Ghosted’ the inked up side of the Stencil onto the Page….hmmm, was nervous about doing it…looked ok, but didn’t convince me.

I then tore up strips of Pool SB Essentials from my Scrap Stash and coloured with Chipped Sapphire and Blueprint Sketch Distress Paints before spritzing with water. Nup, not right for this project. Hmmm, next idea.

I love the shade of blue with Blueprint Sketch Distress Paint…and The Man’s fave colour is Blue. Which got me to thinking of using the Stencil again with some Distress Paint and…..Texture Paste! I’ve never actually mixed these two mediums before so was a little…nah not at all….very curious to see how this blend would work out. For the most part…WOW!!

While the Texture Paste was still damp I sprinkled some White Embossing Powder over the top in small sections and let it sit like that for 15 minutes before using my Heat Tool to set the Embossing Powder. Yes, the Texture Paste did ‘puff’ a little, but compared to other times I’ve done this technique this remained pretty flat and true to the Stencil.

After mounting the photos on the soon to be retired Denim SB Paper and rounding only two of the corners on the photos and the matting, add a little more Ink Blending on the SB Paper I was ready to pull it altogether and wrap it up.


I’m quite happy with the end result. Actually I’m really happy with the end result. I found the Scrap Album I did up for The Man’s 30th Birthday pressie (nearly a decade ago now) and wow….I’m not ashamed of those Pages, but I’m sure not about to show them off to the World at large either. πŸ˜‰

So that’s my Self Imposed (Late) Scrap Challenge wrapped up for this round. I’ll kick off the next Page before the weekend. I’ve already picked out a photo of my Great Grandparents I want to use and I’m looking forward to using. It was taken at their 50th Wedding Anniversary I believe. So that’s my next Challenge Page to focus on. πŸ˜€

Till Next Time!! xx

The Week that Was

Wow, Friday already! Where on earth did this week go? Actually, where did July go? I’m sure I didn’t sleep through a few days on end anywhere in there…would’ve loved to, but pretty confident I didn’t.

How was your week? Did you tick everything off your To Do List that you’d planned, or did Life throw you a curveball along the way?

I planned on having a lot more done this week, I just can’t seem to figure out what happened to throw that all in the air. Oh well, onward and upward. πŸ™‚ No use crying over spilt milk….do cry over spilt Glossy Accents! Not that I’ve spilt any…or cried over it yet.

I have managed to make up some more Samples this week, setting aside all the Cards at least for the Online Market I’m hosting on Wednesday night (Aussie Time) and arranged a revolving door Event for friends to join in making Christmas Cards for our Troops to send home to their loved ones this Festive Season. So I’ve managed to pop a few ticks on that To Do List…I just can’t seem to shake the feeling it just doesn’t feel enough.

Hope you enjoy the slides of this week’s creations and misadventures…actually not too sure on adding the misadventures only as I’m not sure any of the photos survived. πŸ˜‰

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Have an awesome Weekend full of smiles and peace. Happy Crafting!!

Till Next Time!! xx


Here’s to being back on your feet…

I love quirky Cards, and when it comes to Get Well Soon ones, the quirkier the better. Not that I have anything against the flowers and ribbons everyone seems to give, or the ‘Naughty Dr/Nurse’ humour that sells by the truckloads. They’re all pretty awesome, but I love something that’s a little more personal, individual and quirky.

And when I saw today’s Card Inspiration on Pinterest (again…lol) I knew I had to make one using Kaszazz products. I needed to “Kaszazzify” it! πŸ˜€ And considering yesterday I was playing around with my Jungle Friends Turtle Stamp and my AIAMs, unintentionally or subconsciously, I was setting myself up for today.

I’ve used SB Essentials Keylime for the ‘grass’ (p. 188 in the online catalogue) and trimmed down to my 1cm score line so I had a) a cutting to point and b) somewhere to adhere my 6mm Super Tape to. I then used my Bone Scorer to add some curl to some of the blades. I’ve also used our Magic Mount to the back of the fussy cut Turtle so he had some dimension and height to him over the blades of grass.

My background (which I’ve been sitting on for nearly a month!) was created using our Clouds & Waves Stencil with Manganese Blue & Aquamarine Archival Ink Pads with Peacock Feathers Distress Ink Pad ink blended to create some interest.

All in all, this Card fits the bill….quirky, fun and bright. For a Get Well Soon Card, I think this ticks all the boxes. If you’d like to make this Card yourself, or purchase any of the products I’ve used, please drop me a line. Would love to hear from you.

Till Next Time!! xx

5 Days of Pink

Four down, one to go but thankfully knowing how crazy this week was going to be (it’s lived up to it!) I actually made all my Pink Cards up on Monday for the 5 Day Card Challenge on Facebook. πŸ™‚

Yep, butterflies feature heavily on these Cards…everyone in The Clan is not in the least bit surprised either….oooh butterfly. πŸ˜‰

It’s been great to see so many unique ideas coming through on the Group for Pink Cards, though there are a lot focusing on New Baby, which is a little boring for me. Not that I don’t enjoy Baby Cards, but it’s ‘safe’ in a way. Or am I being too pedantic yet again?

These have all been a heap of fun to make up, and I love them all for different reasons. I’ve used some of the Moment by Moment Card Decks for most of these, used my own Card Map Design for one (YAY me!!) and even did a YouTube tutorial for one of the backgrounds! Wow, it has been a crazy week!! Is this what the World is in for when I get a few nights good sleeping in? πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

IMG_5879 (2)IMG_5881 (2)IMG_5892 (2)IMG_5895 (2)IMG_5944 (2)

Which do you like?

Till Next Time!! xx

Winter Wonderland Part 2

Ok, I’ve had a chance to knuckle down and focus…didn’t last long, think I’m ready for some feasting now to be honest. Recharge and try again perhaps?

Moving on, I have managed to make up two ‘traditional’ feeling Christmas Cards with the new Stamps. Both are Heat Embossed; one with an Archival Ink Pad and one with the Perfect Medium Ink Pad.

Both are very simple, yet I think elegant at the same time. I know a few of our friends will appreciate these more than anything too ‘fancy’ or ‘busy’. I have used the SB Elegance Lace Paper for the stamping & embossing. I love these Papers..they feel every bit elegant with a more polished texture. I’ll share more information about them later in the week. Pinkie Promise. πŸ˜‰


What do you think? I’d love to hear your thoughts. In the meantime, The Man is making me up a feast as I type (Thank You Handsome!!) so I better go get ready to eat.

Till Next Time!!xx

Rolled Roses ~ Techie Tuesday

When it comes to using flowers for my Crafting the choices are endless. To embellish a Card or Page I’ve got to pick from Fussy Cut Stamps, Die Cut Flowers or Punched Flowers.

And I don’t like making decisions when I’ve got multiple choices. Just ask The Man what I’m like when we go to dinner! πŸ˜€

Fussy Cut Stamped Images is pretty easy to do with very little effort. Apart from making sure your scissors are sharp and you don’t cut yourself. Ok, a little effort is required. πŸ™‚

Kaszazz has a few Dies for Flowers, I’ve got the Flower #11 Die which gives me 3 different size flowers to pick from. There is also the Rolled Roses Die to create Small, Medium or Large Roses…it is tricky to use for the first few times…and that’s why my first two attempts will never, ever see the light of day again!! The overall effect though is stunning, so well worth the time and practice.IMG_5841

There is a larger variety of options out there to suit every Project you could possibly need Flowers for, and I’ll cover more of them over the coming weeks.


Rolled Rose with Layered Paper Flower and Paper Leaf

Today I’m focusing on the Die Cut Rolled Roses. I may be a little out of practice with the Rolled Roses, though I’ve been assured it’s like riding a bike. Ah ha…sound convinced don’t I?Β 


I do love the Rolled Roses, and they’re great for Pages where having the extra dimension isn’t as much of an issue. But as I don’t have the Die myself, I’m a lot more selective as to which Projects do get the Rolled Rose Treatment.

To make them up, you will require a Paper Art Multi Tool and use the Quilling Attachment to make the entire process a world easier for yourself. Gail Ellis, another Independent Kaszazz Consultant, makes it look super easy in her tutorial.

As does Zena Melville in her clip on her Favourite Techniques which includes Rolled Roses. I’m envious of how they make it look…but it really is a world of fun.

That’s it for this Techie Tuesday. What do you think of our Rolled Roses? Is there another way in which you do yours that you’d love to share?

Till Next Time!! xx


30 Workshops in 6 weeks

I like a challenge as much as the next person….sometimes. Other times I’ve really gotta wonder what my Big Ideas have really gotten me into. This morning, I’m a mixture of both….excitement and “Oh My Goodness WHAT ON EARTH AM I DOING?!?!?!?

I’ve set the date to go into the Markets to peddle my wares so to speak..which is FANTASTIC!! Now to work out the finer details, like Public Liability Insurance (sorted), Co Consultants to help out on the Stall (sorted), Products to sell (sorting….lol) and Displays… brackets for this one; so not sorted!

I went through all the current Kaszazz Workshops last night to work out which ones I have supplies here for already that I can do up as Samples for future Classes. Turns out there’s 30 from over 400. Little drop, big ocean…but we all start somewhere. Actually considering up until the last few months, I’ve never really been focused on Workshops, just what I like and what works for upcoming Classes, I’m quite surprised with my own progress.

So now I have about 6 weeks to come up with as many Samples from the 30 Workshops that I possibly can. Actually, I’ll work out today how many I’ve already done up which will make my life a fraction easier. Just a fraction mind. πŸ˜‰

On top of the Samples for my upcoming Father’s Day Online Party, Cards & Boxes to sell at aforementioned Market, personal Family & Friends Birthday Cards….The Man’s party invites. Ahhh, no rest for the wicked right. πŸ˜‰

So today it starts….am about to sit down and work out which ones I can get cracking on today. The sooner the 30 are done up, the sooner I can focus on everything else including finding my halo and sanity somewhere along the way.

Fingers crossed.

Till Next Time!! xx