It’s been a HUGE weekend in the Kaszazz World…Team Training Days (TTD) on both Saturday & Sunday depending on where you live, New Products released as happens at every TTD and the NEW 2016-2017 Catalogue was released!!

I’ve had a quick look through an online version and I have to admit I’m super dooper impressed with all the new products…so on trend with many of them. I’m also impressed with the price changes; I’m pretty sure the Dies have all dropped in price!! 😀

Now it’s time to stash away my Stamps that are retiring to Tahiti, that’s today’s first task; I’ll need to go through and work out which Workshops are no longer current and file them elsewhere on the computer. I enjoy having the Retired Workshops to refer to down the track, and this way I’ve also got a copy of the Instructions. 🙂


Do you do that with older Workshops/Classes? File them away so you’ve got them for rainy days?

Over the next week or two I’ll be sharing plenty of the Catalogue items and the new Workshops as they come to light. It’s soooo exciting!!!

What do you think? What jumps out and grabs you right out of your seat? What doesn’t?

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Let me know in the comments as I’d love to hear your thoughts as well.


Devouring my coffee and the New Catalogue in one go. 🙂

Till Next Time!! xx


2016 Card Trends; still on track?

I love scrolling through Pinterest, as many of us do, and seeing so many different card making styles and designs. And then I get confused; there can be too much of a good thing.

Which got me thinking; “What were the predicted trends for this year?” Kaszazz does a great amount of research on this, and they certainly provide us Consultants plenty of inspiration and beautiful products. And I love how majority of the Workshops are actually designed by Consultants. Which are pretty much on trend.

I’ve been reviewing some of the clips from CHA over the weekend and a number of the predicted trends are certainly still going strong. I’ve even started to enjoy one or two of them! 😀 Others well, hmm, haven’t seen too much of.

Here’s a few of the ones that I’ve come across. Would love to hear your thoughts on these as well. 🙂

1/ Colouring In ~ There’s no doubt this is still HUGE!! I am starting to understand the appeal to be honest. And I am loving the latest Colouring Pads and Kits from Kaszazz. I find it interesting to see the preferred medium is markers. For me, my Watercolour Pencils are easier to work with, and can be just as vibrant. So I’m a little surprised with Markers being so popular for this one.

2/ Rose Gold ~ There’s no doubt metallics are BIG right now. And I for one adore them!!! Then again, I am a girl who loves her Bling, so there’s really no surprise there. But Rose Gold? I’m certainly seeing it in the stores for jewellery and accessories. I just haven’t seen it as much in cards and scrapping. Or are we a little slower here in BrisVegas?


3/ Journals ~ How awesome is this Trend?? To see so many starting to record what I’d still call a diary, to me is brilliant! I do love the Journal Pages and Art that has been flooding the net this year. Very inspiring.

4/ Watercolour ~ Yay!! I do love this one, and now that I’ve worked out how to do it to suit my own quirkiness, love, love, love!! 😀 The washed out looks that can be created to me is just calming and peaceful. I’m preferring this a lot more than ombre, though I still love a good ombre, more for nails though. 😉

5/ Fun Folds ~ When I mentioned this one to The Man over the weekend he laughed. Not because he disagrees; more because a) he knew what I was talking about and b) he’s seen how ‘fun’ these can really be behind the scenes. And looking through my photos from this year I can certainly see why he laughed. I’ve certainly stepped outside my own comfort zones and skill sets and attempted more and more Fun Fold cards as the year has gone on. What would be your fave Fun Fold to create?

6/ Patterns ~ Almost a no brainer. For me, I love Chevron and Tribal patterns 🙂 It’s great to see Cards with more and more Patterns coming through, especially when teamed with bold, bright colours.  Which patterns have caught your eye this year?

7/ Build Up Stamp Sets ~ Multi Layering Stamps to build up an image certainly creates some stunning Stamped Images. I actually don’t have any of these, not quite sure why not. Kaszazz does do a few 2 Step Stamps, none have happened to find their way to my Crafty Play Zone. Hmm, may have to work on that. For those of you awesome readers who have used Build Up Stamps, what do you think?

All in all, there’s some fantastic elements out there you’re sure to find a trend to make your own and enjoy. Would love to hear what you think of these and of any other trends you’ve come across this year. Anyone brave enough to make a prediction for 2017?

Till Next Time!! xx



Techie Tuesday – Perfect Pearls in Colour

This week for Techie Tuesday I wanted to have some fun…some very messy, get down and dirty kinda fun. With a touch of glam thrown in for good measure. And this is where you now find me. 🙂

I saw a few clips last week while I was laid up that featured so many of the different colour palettes for Perfect Pearls by Ranger. And I love them!! Which got me to thinking about adding my own colour to suit whatever it is I want them to suit.

Perfect Pearls in Colour demo

Previously on other Projects I’ve applied Perfect Pearls directly to freshly stamped images to create a softer, shimmery tint to my image, blended in with watercolour pencils for the same effect and the oldie but goodie, mixed in my Mini Mister Bottle with water to create a very shimmery spray.

 Until today, I’ve never tried to colour Perfect Pearls with re-inkers, so this was my challenge for this Techie Tuesday Post. Goals were to see a) Can it be done? & b) How effective is the end result?  I can safely say….NAILED IT!!

 I’ve used only a smidge of Perfect Pearls on the end of a spatula, added a smidge of a smidge to a tiny plastic container (for my Archival Re-Inker) and separated the rest of the smidge into two hills. One for the beautiful and rich, Fired Brick; the other for my all time fave Distress Colour, Squeezed Lemonade.

For each smidge I’ve only added one teeny drop from the dropper. Archival’s Manganese Blue is in the container to save cleaning up later. A fair bit easier than working on cleaning it all off my Craft Mat I can assure you. If you want it darker, simply add more colour; lighter, add more Perfect Pearls.

To colour my stamped image (done earlier on watercolour card with Stayz On Jet Black) I’ve used a slightly damp, fine paintbrush to pick up some of the Manganese Blue Pearls and colour. Because the Archival Inks don’t react with water as the Distress Inks do, I’m doing this one first and foremost. It did appear to dry rather quickly too, which helps.

I’ve then spritzed water over the entire watercolour card prior to using another fine paintbrush (this time rather wet) to swirl the remaining colours around on their own. I’ve then spritzed some water onto my Craft Mat and ‘combined’ (loosely used) my two Distress Colours together.

 Because of the added moisture, when I applied my Squeezed Lemonade and Fired Brick PP’s to my card, there is a fair amount of….hmmm seepage sounds ugh, bleeding? It ran pretty much, which is fine as I was planning on Fussy Cutting the image at the end. If you’re not into Fussy Cutting, I advise you skip the spritzing of the card and just keep your brush damp, not wet.

Perfect Pearls in Colour 2.JPG

 With a very wet brush, I was able to blend all my colours on the image once I’d finished adding my Pearly Inks…the end result has honestly won me over in a big way.

 **When cleaning up afterwards, I’ve found using some Stamp Cleaner works a treat on the tips of my brush that’s been dipped and swirled in the Archival Blends. I kind of ‘massage’ it through the bristles, being gentle and mindful of the brush itself. After the massage, then I swirl in around in a glass of water to rinse and spin so to speak….ooh sounds more like a session at the Day Spa! J Lucky Brush! 😉

As always, if there’s any of the Kaszazz Products you’d like to Order for your own Crafty Play Time, please send me a Private Message, or email and I’ll be in touch. Oooh and I will ask for your forgiveness with the quality of the video. I’m not brilliant at painting while standing up, but was the only way I could manage it today.

Now over to  you…have you tried this? Are you now thinking of trying it? Any other hints or tips you’d love to share with me about Perfect Pearls? I’d love to hear from you and certainly learn some more great techniques for my next Crafty Play Time!

Till Next Time!! xx

The Week that Was

Wow, Friday already! Where on earth did this week go? Actually, where did July go? I’m sure I didn’t sleep through a few days on end anywhere in there…would’ve loved to, but pretty confident I didn’t.

How was your week? Did you tick everything off your To Do List that you’d planned, or did Life throw you a curveball along the way?

I planned on having a lot more done this week, I just can’t seem to figure out what happened to throw that all in the air. Oh well, onward and upward. 🙂 No use crying over spilt milk….do cry over spilt Glossy Accents! Not that I’ve spilt any…or cried over it yet.

I have managed to make up some more Samples this week, setting aside all the Cards at least for the Online Market I’m hosting on Wednesday night (Aussie Time) and arranged a revolving door Event for friends to join in making Christmas Cards for our Troops to send home to their loved ones this Festive Season. So I’ve managed to pop a few ticks on that To Do List…I just can’t seem to shake the feeling it just doesn’t feel enough.

Hope you enjoy the slides of this week’s creations and misadventures…actually not too sure on adding the misadventures only as I’m not sure any of the photos survived. 😉

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Have an awesome Weekend full of smiles and peace. Happy Crafting!!

Till Next Time!! xx


Here’s to being back on your feet…

I love quirky Cards, and when it comes to Get Well Soon ones, the quirkier the better. Not that I have anything against the flowers and ribbons everyone seems to give, or the ‘Naughty Dr/Nurse’ humour that sells by the truckloads. They’re all pretty awesome, but I love something that’s a little more personal, individual and quirky.

And when I saw today’s Card Inspiration on Pinterest (again…lol) I knew I had to make one using Kaszazz products. I needed to “Kaszazzify” it! 😀 And considering yesterday I was playing around with my Jungle Friends Turtle Stamp and my AIAMs, unintentionally or subconsciously, I was setting myself up for today.

I’ve used SB Essentials Keylime for the ‘grass’ (p. 188 in the online catalogue) and trimmed down to my 1cm score line so I had a) a cutting to point and b) somewhere to adhere my 6mm Super Tape to. I then used my Bone Scorer to add some curl to some of the blades. I’ve also used our Magic Mount to the back of the fussy cut Turtle so he had some dimension and height to him over the blades of grass.

My background (which I’ve been sitting on for nearly a month!) was created using our Clouds & Waves Stencil with Manganese Blue & Aquamarine Archival Ink Pads with Peacock Feathers Distress Ink Pad ink blended to create some interest.

All in all, this Card fits the bill….quirky, fun and bright. For a Get Well Soon Card, I think this ticks all the boxes. If you’d like to make this Card yourself, or purchase any of the products I’ve used, please drop me a line. Would love to hear from you.

Till Next Time!! xx

Winter Wonderland

I’ve got to admit, the latest Winter Wonderland Release by Kaszazz has certainly got me hooked. I’m super impressed with the versatility of the Stamps in the Collection; great for Christmas Cards & Scrap Pages though the possibilities beyond Christmas have my mind in a spin. This is the first time I’ve ordered an entire Collection in one Bundle, and I’m super glad I did with this one.


Oooh, all arrived safe & sound

The new Holly Standard Die is WOW. Yes, I’m biased, I’ll admit it. Take that out of the equation though and it is a Die worth getting excited about. The Man is impressed with it, and certainly how I can change the way I use it. Now to impress The Man with any of my Crafting Toys is quite a challenge in and of itself. He normally smiles, nods his head and makes the appropriate sounds for the most part. He’s very supportive, but it’s not a bleep on his interest radar more often than not. This Die though has bleeped! 🙂 And I’ve only had 3 plays with it so far! Talk about promising.

IMG_5990 (2)

As my Delivery Dude was running rather late yesterday, and considering how much my Naughty Knees decided to make themselves known, I didn’t finish putting all my Stamps together and stored away; certainly didn’t have a chance to look at the gorgeous Papers before calling it a day. Which has surprised my Mum as she was certain I’d be straight into the Papers and the new Glitter Tapes. Actually I still haven’t looked at the Papers this morning, nor played with my new Glitter Tapes! Eeeek….Blog first, Play second. 🙂

From the Play Time I have had this morning I’m super impressed. I was meant to be focusing on making up my Samples right about now, instead I’m dribbling on like a lunatic to you about this awesome Collection!!


Village Carolers Stamp coloured with Alcohol Ink Art Markers and mounted onto a Tie Dye Background.

Be prepared; over the next few days I’ll be inundating you with different pieces I’ve put together from all these Stamps and the Die. For now, here’s a few little teasers I’ve chucked together between Domestic Goddess duties. 🙂

Till Next Time!! xx


Hot Off The Craft Mat

What an amazing Crafty Week it’s been! Nearly all the Projects I had planned to complete at the start of the week have been flipped around for other Projects as that’s the way the mood flowed. 🙂

I’m sure we’ve all been there before…it can be frustrating I guess. I choose to look at it as being flexible and ready for pretty much everything. Matter of perspective I guess. Glass half full or….

And looking back now at everything that has come off the Craft Mat this week (including my sudden recollection of how to video on the SLR camera!!) there has been a fair bit that I’ve accomplished! Patting self on the back time. If you’d like to see my exciting rediscovery, here it is. Hope you’re ready for a little giggle. 🙂

Which do you like? There’s been quite a few Cards going out this week though balance has been restored with boxes and Gifts made up for a customer.

Would love to hear from you with your thoughts.

Hope you have a great weekend ahead…and a safe one wherever you may be.

Till Next Time!!xx

5 Day Card Challenge ~ Orange

This week I’ve been able to participate in a 5 Day Card Challenge with one of the Crafting Groups I’m involved with on Facebook. Every month they have a Challenge on, this month they added the extra challenge of keeping to a colour theme. Nice touch I thought.

Now I know as a colour many aren’t keen on orange…it can be overwhelming/overpowering or come off looking like a Halloween wanna-be that’s either too early or too late to the party. I’m not one of those people!! I love it!! As a close relative to my favourite colour, orange to me is bright, fun and cheerful, so this Challenge has been rather enjoyable! 

Doing the Colour Wheel for Techie Tuesday this week was a huge help to be perfectly honest. Much needed Refresher Course. 

It’s also been fantastic to see what the other ladies in the Group came up with each day. All very talented and all inspiring.

I just thought, before I go off to enjoy the coming weekend with my Mum while she’s here visiting us, I’d share with you the creations I made for this Challenge this week. As far as Card Folds go, nothing too fancy this time. I thought I’d leave the talking to the decorations instead for a change. 😉

Which colour do you love to Play with? Which one would you prefer to leave alone and avoid at all costs?

Till Next Time!! xx

Understanding Colours ~ Techie Tuesday

I was just sitting in the kitchen with The Man and was asking him what today’s Blog should be about this week…I love being able to brainstorm with him and bounce ideas around between us. He’s the best support I could wish for. So, you can thank him this week for this one. Or curse him, whichever the case may be.

Sir Isaac Newton developed the first circular diagram of colours in 1666.

He was asking how do I know what colours to use together..truth be told, I used to wing it and follow my gut…it worked, but as there’s no real Technique involved in that I can’t really go into it. I’ve known since High School Art about colour wheels, complimentary colours, neighbouring colours and serious colour clashes…thank you 80’s!  You know exactly what I’m talking about right?

tertiary colour wheel

Now I’m going to presume we are all aware of the Primary Colours (Red, Yellow & Blue) and Secondary Colours (Green, Orange & Purple) as well as Tertiary Colours (Yellow-Orange, Blue Green, Red-Violet).

Looking at your colour wheel and choosing the colours to work with means you have some choices to make. This week, I’ll just focus on the three most common selection methods and hope this helps remove some confusion. Really hoping now I don’t add to your confusion…no pressure.


A colour scheme based on analogous colours uses the colours on either side of your colour of choice. Safe option and super easy.


A colour scheme based on complementary colours works by picking the colour directly opposite on the Colour Wheel of your choice. My eldest daughter’s first school uniform was in this category…Purple & Yellow. I still remember all the looks family & friends pulled when they found out. That was until they saw her in uniform. It really was quite stunning and smart…and super cute with plaited pigtails.


A colour scheme based on Nature  because seriously, Mother Nature doesn’t get it wrong. And yes, there are trees with pink leaves! It can’t just be an Australian plant surely. 

This is one Site I love to refer to when it comes to colours, and it certainly helped when I was throwing wedding colour ideas at The Man in the early planning stages. And as I have today, I still refer back to this site for a refresher or explanation when needed.


Now that I’ve either given you some clarity or added to your confusion…go forth and colour!! Would love to see what you come up with yourself. I’m now going to go and mix it up a bit with my Adult Colouring In and see how crazy I can go!!

Till Next Time!! xx


Class In A Box

It’s not always possible for many of my Ladies to make it to one of my Classes…reasons are varied from health concerns to timing conflicts. Which got me thinking.

As I myself have a chronic health condition I fully appreciate the difficulties in making appointments and being well enough to enjoy the time, yet I also appreciate how much some of the Ladies look forward to and enjoy those few hours away from it all while learning something new and making something for themselves.

There are other companies out there offering to send packs to make up to customers directly. Great idea…so I thought of starting Class In A Box. The Man calls it Crafting Correspondence. I’m excited to be offering this service…great for people who don’t live locally, who may be travelling, with health difficulties making it tricky to attend in person or have young children.

For June I’m doing the Keep Calm and Colour Workshop. I’ve made this one up where attendees will learn different colouring techniques using Alcohol Ink Art Markers and Watercolour Pencils. They’ll all receive a Keep Calm and Colour Card Pack by Kaszazz, full Instructions and a Tim Holtz Water Brush (Fine Nib) to keep and use at home.

keep calm and colour ws


Exciting times ahead and I’m looking forward to sharing my Kaszazz addiction in a new manner. Bonus is Adult Colouring is a great way to unleash everyone’s inner Creative Goddess.

Till Next Time!! xx