5 Days of Pink

Four down, one to go but thankfully knowing how crazy this week was going to be (it’s lived up to it!) I actually made all my Pink Cards up on Monday for the 5 Day Card Challenge on Facebook. 🙂

Yep, butterflies feature heavily on these Cards…everyone in The Clan is not in the least bit surprised either….oooh butterfly. 😉

It’s been great to see so many unique ideas coming through on the Group for Pink Cards, though there are a lot focusing on New Baby, which is a little boring for me. Not that I don’t enjoy Baby Cards, but it’s ‘safe’ in a way. Or am I being too pedantic yet again?

These have all been a heap of fun to make up, and I love them all for different reasons. I’ve used some of the Moment by Moment Card Decks for most of these, used my own Card Map Design for one (YAY me!!) and even did a YouTube tutorial for one of the backgrounds! Wow, it has been a crazy week!! Is this what the World is in for when I get a few nights good sleeping in? 😀 😀

IMG_5879 (2)IMG_5881 (2)IMG_5892 (2)IMG_5895 (2)IMG_5944 (2)

Which do you like?

Till Next Time!! xx


Techie Tuesday ~ Distress Ink Tie Dye

Ok back on track today after mixing up the Scrap Challenge Day for this week. There’s no way I could’ve kept the results of Saturday night’s Cyber Crop under my hat any longer than Monday. And yes, I’m hopeless at keeping Christmas pressies under wraps till Christmas Day. 🙂

Today’s Technique is inspired by our younger cousin, Bek. Over the weekend she visited us and was wanting to do a tie dye style effect for a card she was making. I honestly couldn’t think of anything at the time, then yesterday morning  lightbulb moment; Distress Ink Pads directly to paper! D’oh!

I was actually in the middle of making up yesterday’s Card Map design (for more details visit my Facebook Page) and was waiting for the layered butterflies to dry before attaching. Then another lightbulb moment and this is what I came up with. The butterflies work better on this one than on their originally intended card. I’ve used Wilted Violet and Picked Raspberry Distress Ink Pads for this background as a) I love the colour combination and b) I’m involved in a 5 Day Card Challenge this week with Pink as the Theme.

IMG_5879 (2)

So how to do this pretty awesome, tie dye looking Technique?

Pretty simple isn’t it? Pick one or two Distress Ink Pads that you like, add some paper to scrunch and wrinkle, spritz with a little (or a lot) of water and dry…either waiting it out or with a Heat Tool. Both ways work a treat!

I’m thinking this would be a great Technique to get the younger Crafters into during Wet Day Play or School Holidays. Oooh, could you imagine an entire Scrap Page done in this style? Hmmm, may need to try that soon.

Which colours would you love to try this Technique with?

Till Next Time!! xx

30 Workshops in 6 weeks

I like a challenge as much as the next person….sometimes. Other times I’ve really gotta wonder what my Big Ideas have really gotten me into. This morning, I’m a mixture of both….excitement and “Oh My Goodness WHAT ON EARTH AM I DOING?!?!?!?

I’ve set the date to go into the Markets to peddle my wares so to speak..which is FANTASTIC!! Now to work out the finer details, like Public Liability Insurance (sorted), Co Consultants to help out on the Stall (sorted), Products to sell (sorting….lol) and Displays…..no brackets for this one; so not sorted!

I went through all the current Kaszazz Workshops last night to work out which ones I have supplies here for already that I can do up as Samples for future Classes. Turns out there’s 30 from over 400. Little drop, big ocean…but we all start somewhere. Actually considering up until the last few months, I’ve never really been focused on Workshops, just what I like and what works for upcoming Classes, I’m quite surprised with my own progress.

So now I have about 6 weeks to come up with as many Samples from the 30 Workshops that I possibly can. Actually, I’ll work out today how many I’ve already done up which will make my life a fraction easier. Just a fraction mind. 😉

On top of the Samples for my upcoming Father’s Day Online Party, Cards & Boxes to sell at aforementioned Market, personal Family & Friends Birthday Cards….The Man’s party invites. Ahhh, no rest for the wicked right. 😉

So today it starts….am about to sit down and work out which ones I can get cracking on today. The sooner the 30 are done up, the sooner I can focus on everything else including finding my halo and sanity somewhere along the way.

Fingers crossed.

Till Next Time!! xx


Revamping an oldie but a goodie

Last year for my very first Card Class held and conducted by myself, we made up a set of 3 really manly man man Cards; great for Birthdays and Father’s Day (which was just around the corner) I still love the colour combinations and the feel of this original Kaszazz Workshop.

A few  of the Stamps have since retired as has the Chipped Sapphire Distress Stain…which means part this Project does require some alteration to bring it up to a current standard.


This first of three Cards (I’ll work on the other two Cards during the week ahead.) I’ve used the SB Essentials White Cardstock for my Card Front as well as for Stamping/Fussy Cutting. For the Base Card I’ve used SB Essentials Blue Jay Cardstock as per the original Cards.

IMG_5506 (2)

I have swapped out the original Washi Tape for a current one (dots/spots) which I’ve ‘grunged’ up with some Brushed Pewter Distress Stain. All Stamping on this particular Card was done using Distress Paint in Chipped Sapphire, just for something different. I love how the Generation Stamping turns out using the Distress Paint over normal Ink Pads.

The Tag is simply the top half of our original Tags covered with Chipped Sapphire Distress Paint and Washi Tape. I also stamped the Bi Plane Large Stamp twice in Chipped Sapphire in the attempt to add some interest and tone on tone layering. The Background Stamping also used the Bi Plane Stamp as well as the Mesh Stamp for some added interest.

The Sentiment is from the Mini Messages Happy Uncut Set, also stamped in Distress Paint…overall, I’m not too sold on this update. I’ve found it tricky to avoid using Stamps I know will be retiring in the near future; in my thought pattern there’s no point in using Stamps that will be extinct before the end of the year, as then I’ll have to look at doing this again…and I’m too lazy for that!


This also feels a little too stark for my liking…but that’s what Play Time is for…so perhaps I should say this is Version 1.1? 🙂 Believe it or not (no, not the Greatest American Hero Theme) that thought actually makes me smile. Hmmmm, there’s something to that. I’ll work with it and share with you before too long what develops. 🙂 From little things, big things grow right?

Have an awesome week ahead!!

Till Next Time!! xx

Weekly Play Time Wrapped Up

Despite the chill in the air, it’s been a rather productive week around here. I’ve managed to throw a few ideas together, try some new Techniques (successfully I think) and made up some Samples for upcoming Classes and Markets.

Today’ll see me finishing off updating a Retired Workshop for Father’s Day before getting ready to celebrate a Cousin’s Birthday….but not too much celebrating, do have to vote tomorrow after all. 🙂

Whatever the weekend has in store for you I hope it fun, crafty and with the people you love.

Till Next Week!! xx

Faux Tile Technique ~ Techie Tuesday

 This week I thought I’d give Faux Tiling a go and see how I went. I made one up last week for the 5 Day Orange Card Challenge and I’m still not 100% sold on it.

Over the weekend I thought I’d try some of the other Techniques in the below Tutorials to see how they grab me. Sooo much better. 🙂

I haven’t had a chance to attempt the first one as I don’t have a Brayer at home…I left it at a friend’s house and keep forgetting it when I’m over there. Ooops! Otherwise, I’m quite impressed with the Thinking of You Card and the Tiled Background Card. Effective and super easy. The Thinking of You Card is a little tricky/time consuming I will admit. I’ve used the Technique to make up my Gran’s Birthday Card.

Word to the wise: make sure your Glossy Accents is as close to new as possible and probably don’t do your ’tiles’ only 1½cm square. By the time I’d made it to the last row my hand was having a whinge at holding the bottle with a little pressure and my patience, which is infamously close to non existent, was close to zip. I’ve noticed a few little boo boos on it; The Man and one of the Housemates couldn’t pick them though, so perhaps I’m just being too pedantic yet again?


Which ones are you interested in trying out? Or…which ones do you enjoy making?

 Till Next Time!! xx

5 Day Card Challenge ~ Orange

This week I’ve been able to participate in a 5 Day Card Challenge with one of the Crafting Groups I’m involved with on Facebook. Every month they have a Challenge on, this month they added the extra challenge of keeping to a colour theme. Nice touch I thought.

Now I know as a colour many aren’t keen on orange…it can be overwhelming/overpowering or come off looking like a Halloween wanna-be that’s either too early or too late to the party. I’m not one of those people!! I love it!! As a close relative to my favourite colour, orange to me is bright, fun and cheerful, so this Challenge has been rather enjoyable! 

Doing the Colour Wheel for Techie Tuesday this week was a huge help to be perfectly honest. Much needed Refresher Course. 

It’s also been fantastic to see what the other ladies in the Group came up with each day. All very talented and all inspiring.

I just thought, before I go off to enjoy the coming weekend with my Mum while she’s here visiting us, I’d share with you the creations I made for this Challenge this week. As far as Card Folds go, nothing too fancy this time. I thought I’d leave the talking to the decorations instead for a change. 😉

Which colour do you love to Play with? Which one would you prefer to leave alone and avoid at all costs?

Till Next Time!! xx