Craft Challenge: Paper Bag Album

What a great idea.

Perfect for Christmas or any Celebration. 🙂

Puddleside Musings

     Hey everyone! It’s Friday and here on Puddle Side Musings, Friday typically means it’s time for a craft post. Today is no different but, well, a little different. It’s a craft post alright but also, a craft challenge! That’s right, a craft challenge.

     Me and Myra from Those Secrets We Keep have been chatting about challenging ourselves to create something and show it on our blogs and we’ve also decided to challenge you, yes you lovely reader, to do the same.

     The craft that we have decided to go with this time is a paper bag album. There’s no specific theme or style, the aim is simply to create a mini album using paper bags as the base. We’ve also set a deadline for you: Friday, September 16th. Now, there’s nothing to stop you from accepting the challenge at any time past the deadline…

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