Branching out #2 Jam Making

I’m reblogging this awesome Post from Craft and Other Crazy Plans as Mrs Craft has given me a treasured trip down memory lane today with her Jam Making. And a serious case of the Watering Mouth Drools at the thought of the delicious aromas that have been wafting through her home.

As a Little Girl way, waaaaay back in the day…ok, not quite that far back thank you…I used to watch my Great Aunts make up Strawberry Jam, Apricot Jam, Apple and Rhubarb Jam, Chutney with my Nanna. I remember the heat in the kitchen, the noise and especially the smells.

Does this mean I’m about to resume the tradition? It’s not on the cards, but you never know.

Till Next Time!! xx


Welcome to the second part of my ‘branching out’ series, where I explore crafts I’ve not tried before. Regular followers might be surprised to read about my exploits with boiling …

Source: Branching out #2 Jam Making


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