A little perspective goes a long way.

Y’all probably wondering why I’ve been on the quiet side of life for a few days now. It’s really weird truth be told, but the safer option right now. Last week saw some issues pop up with my Naughty Knees…and this week, they’re back to bite in a big way. :/ But we are under control…as much as anything I’m involved in can be at least. 😉

IMG_6872 (2).JPG

I’ve been reminding myself daily, after my 2 minute Pity Party, that somewhere in the World today a family’s going to be told a loved one is no longer with them; or they have a terminal illness; or they’ve lost the complete use of a limb or two; or they’ve lost their job/house/partner. And that is plenty to snap me out of my own little Pity Party BIG TIME!!

I will allow myself a little Pity Party each day…I think to keep things in perspective I need to roll with the pain and let it win out for a stretch…at the same time, I’ll time that stretch so I don’t wallow and go back to the dark days of depression and social phobias….*shudder*. And this way, The Man actually has a wife who is, for the most part, far more happy to see him and be around him and appreciative of the many little things he does for me and for us each day.

IMG_6877 (2).JPG

Saturday is a perfect example…his treat for me to get my mop of a hairstyle and my caterpillar eyebrows tamed and under a semblance of control again. Why? Because he knows it may help me to feel better within myself…and it seriously needed a disguise for the grey hair that was making a comeback!! 😀

I promise, I’ll be back to annoy and or bore you sooner than you can imagine!! In the meantime I’m endeavouring to keep up with my own personal Blog reading and hopefully sharing them with you! 😀 😀 😀

Have an awesome day, Happy Crafting!!!

Till Next Time!! xx




4 thoughts on “A little perspective goes a long way.

  1. PaperPuff says:

    I had wondered where you were, but thought maybe holiday. Sorry it is something so very less welcome. Anyway, your hair (and eyebrows!) look absolutely lovely. Hope you feel way better very, very soon! Xx

    Liked by 1 person

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