Even The Man’s getting Crafty…

While I’ve been working out how to rearrange my Crafty Space upstairs The Man has been planning on making up some storage for me…and possibly some furniture for our home. Colour me surprised.

Seeing as I ‘slacked off’ a tad over the weekend, I’ve got to finish off what I started…so I’m a little behind the 8 Ball. So when The Man approached me yesterday saying he’d been thinking…note this is normally the phrase I use before rearranging all the furniture that’s not bolted down…and asking my opinion I was a little bewildered.

It seems that this Crafty Stuff is a little contagious. I’ve now got him thinking on making Christmas pressies when he’s finished making my Craft Storage….and coffee table….and dining table….oh ok the dining table can wait till New Years. 😉 But he is planning on making a number of our presents.

Ok that’s it for me today…really need to focus on at least making sure there’s enough room on the dining table for me to eat tonight…otherwise….oops! 🙂


Till Next Time! xx


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