Taking a moment…

Every August Brisbane has the Royal Agricultural Show on in town…we call it The Ekka…beats me as to why, it’s a Queensland thing I’m thinking. I may live here, and have for more than a decade now, but I’m still a New South Wales born Victorian. ๐Ÿ™‚ Confused?? Trust me, it explains oh so much. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Anyhoo, traditionally when it’s Ekka time, we get some fierce Westerly Winds sweeping through the region…Ekka starts this coming Friday, winds started last night. So today literally is a whirlwind of pretty much everything.

Ekka Wheel

What a start to August it’s been too. The Kaszazz World is buzzing with new special offers, as per usual….rightio, got that, to be expected….but as we say Adiรณs mid September to the current Catalogue and Project Book there’s the trepidation/excitement attached with the upcoming new Catalogue. Yesterday saw the List of Tahiti Bound Retirees from the 2015 Catalogue and Project Book….not that Kaszazz called it that, but I think that sounds more snazzy than List of Retiring Products.

Not a huge List, I think last year’s List was nearly 17 pages. Only five pages this year though we are having over 80 New Products heading our way come September 16th. WOW!!! That really does soften the blow of losing some loved and precious stamps…and SB Papers. I’m actually quite shocked at some of the Retirees, but wait….there’s more!!

Sorry, now I sound like an Infomercial….and it’s not even two in the morning! ๐Ÿ˜€


Today saw the early release (again) of our August New Products!! OMG….Super Cuteness Alert!! All nerves for tonight’s Online Event have diminished due to Super Cuteness and Awwwwwww. Can understand now why Kaszazz has set some of the SB Papers bound for, well I’ll say Tahiti; sounds nicer than retirement doesn’t it?

I’m super glad now I popped my top up order in this afternoon instead of this morning. See, the Universe knew there was something around the corner for me to fall in love with…that and it was too dang windy for my Naughty Knees to work this morning. I’m just hoping now my order will arrive before our Public Holiday next Wednesday. Should be here Tuesday, but Brisbane being Brisbane, and The Ekka being The Ekka, every surrounding local council has a different Public Holiday during next week. So hoping our Mail Centre isn’t due for theirs till after my delivery! Oooh super selfish, sorry…..but then I can share with you first hand the new SB Papers!!! See, I’m looking out for you, honest. ๐Ÿ˜‰ You believe me right?

Time to go and prep myself some dinner, then get cozy and ready to work tonight while celebrating the awesome and amazing men in our lives. Kinda wish we did Father’s Day twice a year…don’t think we celebrate these men enough. Ok, shoot me if you like. I’ll understand…hehehe

IMG_6676 (2)


Tomorrow I’ll do up the Tutorial for my cute Prize that’s heading to a new home tonight. It’s the cause of The Man going to work last night with Glitter through his hair…oops, me bad? He wants a head massage as he wakes up that’s cool….I’m not responsible for how much Glitter has stuck to me no matter how many times I’ve washed and dried my hands…it’s Glitter, it’s more temperamental than an old alley cat!

On that note…HAPPY CRAFTING!!








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