Techie Tuesday – Cutting Stamp Sets

I’m a bit behind the eight ball this week. Nothing serious, just getting everything ready for tomorrow night’s online Father’s Day Event.

This week I thought we’d look at cutting Stamp Sets. The Mini Messages are such Sets. So how do you cut them so you don’t end up with ‘burn’ marks when you stamp? What are ‘burn’ marks you ask…those pesky ‘smudges’ from the edge of your stamps that nearly always pick up extra ink when you really don’t need them to. A lot of my early Stamping shows quite a number of them sadly. Oh well, live and learn.

One of the Kaszazz Team Leaders, Cheryl Devlin, made up a quick clip to show how she cuts her Stamps.

One tip from my Mum is to keep the backing paper on while cutting. Having done it both ways, I’m finding leaving the backing paper on is making it easier to cut and trim my new Stamps than when I would remove the backing first.

I’ve also become a lot braver about cutting my Stamps over the last 18 months or so. Not quite to the point of Cheryl (as above) but pretty close to. I’m still paranoid I’ll chop into the Stamp itself…I don’t want to explain to The Man why a brand new Stamp is suddenly useless!!

What little hints and tips have you discovered when it comes to cutting Stamps? Is there a difference between the rubber Stamps Kaszazz stock and the polymer Stamps (clear) many other Companies offer to separate/cut?

Would love to hear how you do this simple but necessary task.

Till Next Time!! xx (back to my online preps me thinks) 😉




2 thoughts on “Techie Tuesday – Cutting Stamp Sets

  1. Emma Sparrow says:

    My tip to any beginner is don’t stress about it too much! Before stamping it on your project see how it stamps on a scrap piece of paper after cutting it. If one side predominantly stamps a line you know to clean that edge with a baby wipe before stamping. Always good to have a baby wipe handy to wipe the edges off stamps before stamping so the pesky lines from the edges don’t tranfer onto your project 🙂

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