How To ~ Distress Paints


Hi ya! Wow I really am outta the swing of things this week…hehehe. Keeping us all on our toes though, which is never a really bad thing. Or is it?

This isn’t even close to the draft I made up yesterday…I’m winging it! This Post has come about though as I was trying to come up with some ideas last night and kept coming up empty. Well, for what I was attempting to focus on I was empty…ideas a plenty for everything else I wasn’t meant to be considering! Typical. But I got to thinking; “How am I meant to make the most out of my (limited) Distress Paints?”

IMG_6101 (2)

Thursday night’s uninspired Play while I was trying to work this Distress Paint out.

I’ve got some here, and apart from the very basic dab here, dab there stuff, I’ve never really seen much on how to use these to their fullest. And considering Kaszazz has just released another 12 Colours…I gotta get the hang of these! Well, until I did a Google search this morning! I even wrote myself a note last night to look up this How To this morning in case I forgot about it while I was sleeping.

Again I love Google for finding stuff out super quick and with minimal effort. And of course the YouTube listings started with The ‘Distress’ Man himself, Tim Holtz. Ok, who else would be able to ‘instruct’ me as well as Mr Holtz? Hmmm….I’ll get back to ya on that one. 😉 And after watching only two of his clips, I’m super excited!! Enough at least to go and play while making a cuppa and forgetting to make my cuppa!!

The fact that his CHA Clip includes the Glitter Rock Candy is almost perfect, as during last night’s play I actually used some on the Blueprint Sketch Distress Paint I’d applied to my Plastic Alice Stamp (I’d stamped her on a plastic sheet first.) Which had me thinking, this really was meant to be today’s Post instead of the draft I’d done up yesterday.

Without further ado, here’s the links that have inspired me to now go out and create some awesome, outta this world Father’s Day cards!!

Have an awesome, Crafty Friday ahead!! And an inspired Weekend too.

Till Next Time!! xx


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