5 Days of Pink

Four down, one to go but thankfully knowing how crazy this week was going to be (it’s lived up to it!) I actually made all my Pink Cards up on Monday for the 5 Day Card Challenge on Facebook. 🙂

Yep, butterflies feature heavily on these Cards…everyone in The Clan is not in the least bit surprised either….oooh butterfly. 😉

It’s been great to see so many unique ideas coming through on the Group for Pink Cards, though there are a lot focusing on New Baby, which is a little boring for me. Not that I don’t enjoy Baby Cards, but it’s ‘safe’ in a way. Or am I being too pedantic yet again?

These have all been a heap of fun to make up, and I love them all for different reasons. I’ve used some of the Moment by Moment Card Decks for most of these, used my own Card Map Design for one (YAY me!!) and even did a YouTube tutorial for one of the backgrounds! Wow, it has been a crazy week!! Is this what the World is in for when I get a few nights good sleeping in? 😀 😀

IMG_5879 (2)IMG_5881 (2)IMG_5892 (2)IMG_5895 (2)IMG_5944 (2)

Which do you like?

Till Next Time!! xx


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