Kaszazz Cyber Crop

I’m mixing things up a bit this week. Instead of my usual Wednesday Scrapping Post, I’m actually going to talk Scraps with you on a Monday. Simply because a) I’m still pumped from Saturday night’s adventure and b) I really can’t keep this under wraps for too much longer without giving it all away! Saturday night was an evening way, way, waaaaay outta my comfort zone! And I had a blast the entire time I was out there!

Kaszazz Consultants across Australia took part in a Cyber Crop, online Scrapping Session with a twist…we were given the next set of instructions every 15 minutes or so! Pretty much, scrapping blind. 🙂 Hence my  Work Area was cluttered last night…I had bits of EVERYTHING on hand as I didn’t know where the Inspiration would be taking me. I’d picked a combination of SB Essentials in Brown Sugar, Sand and Clay for the Cardstock with SB Ebony and Ivory Papers in Definitions/Spots. (check out the video link below on my Facebook Page…another first where you actually hear me!! eeeek!!)

IMG_5833 (2)

As many of my regular Readers are already aware, Scrap Pages for me have always been more challenging than I would like; hence my Self Imposed Scrap Challenge that I’ve actually been enjoying! 😀 So the opportunity to take part in a Nationwide Online Scrap Crop Session was a little intimidating, but that Little Voice on the Shoulder told me I had to do this.

Before the Crop started I thought I’d share a video on my Facebook Page showing the tools I had to work with for the night…with the added Challenge of No Stamping….which after my last S.I.S.C Page, wasn’t really as big a challenge as others found it to be.

 IMG_5834 (3)

A little over two hours later and I was over the moon (not that you could see as it was still raining cats and dogs outside by then!) and hooked on Cyber Crops! Even half way through I was loving how things were coming together. It all just seemed to flow. Every 15 minutes or so along came another direction for us to follow…between instructions the atmosphere was fun, supportive, friendly and one heck of a good time…IF that’s what you wanted it to be.

At the end of it all, though it was closer to 11pm than it wasn’t, the energy, creative flow was just yeah. To see others posting up their own works from the same instructions, wow!

IMG_5834 (2)

This sort of atmosphere is one of the reasons I love Direct Selling Businesses like Kaszazz and many others out there. The support, encouragement and fun the other Consultants bring to the table and the energy shared is wonderful. Like most things in life, you get out what you put in, and the Kaszazz Family is certainly no different.

I’m actually hoping I’m going to be able to take part in another one. There are whispers it could be around late September to mid October…hmmm Grand Final weekend is in that timeline, as is Bathurst…family celebrations and a few events of my own, so fingers crossed I’ll be able to join in on the live event!

IMG_5844 (2)

And before I go today, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my amazing Gran for yesterday. These photos are certainly headed directly into the Scrap Album that is steadily growing. Still have a little bit of journaling to add, so future generations of our Clan can actually learn a little about the people in the photos instead of just saying “oh yeah that’s ummm, well….it looks good!” 🙂 Well, hoping they’ll say it looks good regardless, but this way perhaps a little Family History can be shared as well.

What would be your favourite Family Memory you’d love to put to a Page or Mini Album for the future?

Till Next Time!! xx



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