N is for Neat Ripple

MrsCraft has wowed me again with her A-Z of Crochet 🙂

Great advice, a bit of laughter for good measure and some great tips on a craft that I admire from afar.

Hope you enjoy reading this as much as I did…and please drop by and let MrsCraft know you enjoyed her work. 😀

Till Next Time!! xx


OK, so it’s not technically an N. However, I scoured books and the Internet and apparently N is also not a crochet friendly letter. (Whose idea was this A-Z thing anyway?) For quite some time I toyed with the idea of starting with ‘not…’ (insert words of choice-not swearing when it goes wrong, not starting 729 different projects at once, not buying more wool when you’ve already got enough to start a large ish shop, the list is endless!)

Anyway, after a bit of pondering I remembered my brief dalliance with the ripple pattern, and how pretty it looked. Apologies now for the terrible photo, I made it ages ago but never actually finished it, I even ended up binning the part I’d made. (It was going to be a blanket for William’s teddy but I got sidetracked.)

I used another tutorial by Lucy at Attic24. HerNeat Ripple Blanket…

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