My baby has started a business at 7

Oooh, have to share this Post with you today too from Kelzbelzphotography.

Reading Posts like this inspire me and certainly put a huge smile on my face. It’s great to hear of children who are taking life by the horns and enjoying it at the same time.

What a brilliant way to teach ‘life skills’ to our young…and inspire those of us who aren’t quite so young.

Till Next Time!! xx


And I couldn’t be more proud. My hubby is starting a gardening business and thought be a great idea if my kids started their own to. So my son started potatoes and so yummy had the first lot with dinner. Then he suggested a strawberry business for my girl. So since December last year when she came home with a strawberry plant she’d grown she’s been talking about it.

Started by selling some of her old toys making $63.50 so we opened her a bank account and started the discussion of adding to the 20 strawberry plants we gifted her. She was very clear she wanted to buy 30 more. So we discussed her waiting for sales for the best deals, investing her money into buying them. Whilst talking about it she started discussing how and where to sell them. She has told everyone she’s come in contact with about…

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