Friday Fun & Nibbles

I love making up these little mugs..too big to be a cup, so definitely more of a mug size and far more suitable for the manly man man man (yes, too much X Files viewing has been had in the past!) Which is great, as these are being made up for Father’s Day Gifts for my own Father In Law (who is quite awesome!) as well as for my Facebook Online Party that’s not that far around the corner come to think of it! I’ll also need to make a lot more of these for the ‘real people’ market at the end of August that I’m doing for the very first time. Yippeeee!!


Now it appears the biggest issue I’m facing is to not snack on the goodies before I bag them! Mind you, having a lonely run away butterscotch or sultana on the craft mat isn’t cool….it’s actually just mean letting it sit there on it’s ownsome.

And as I don’t have anywhere near enough hidey holes, keeping the guys from nibbling on these is also going to be an issue over the coming weeks. Perhaps I’ll stick with these two filled for now and do the rest as required. Far easier to hide unopened packs in the back of the pantry than to hide made up mugs. You may need to remind me in the coming weeks where it was exactly that I hid the goodies. Goldfish memory being what it is!


Come to think of it, I’ll also need to stock up on Tissue Paper (sadly Kaszazz doesn’t stock it) so that I’m not filling the entire 8½cms of mug with lollies!

To create, these are super easy. I can comfortably make two out of a single 12 x 12″ SB Cardstock piece, including handles and tag, which is great for my overheads when it comes to pricing these little rippers. To decorate, I’m using one SB Paper Sheet (again 12 x 12″) to decorate three comfortably with a little left over. I’m sure if I was a little more frugal I could squeeze four mugs out of one SB Paper. Hmmm, might be my mission over the weekend. The handles are easily done two at a time through the Ezy Press with my Circle Dies, which is super handy considering I just made these two up on the spur of the moment. I just trimmed my left over SB Cardstock to fit my dies and popped two layers through at once. Worked like a dream. 

So…over to you. What do you think? Which appeals more…Butterscotch of Choc coated Sultanas? I’m honestly 50/50 on this one as both are delicious. The mug’s kinda cute too, but I’m more keen on the contents. 🙂

Till Next Time!! xx



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