Can I stop being an adult for today?


Oh I wish jellyfish. After nearly 6 weeks of very limited sleep and not much when I’ve been dozing off, my GP finally prescribed me some Temaze to help knock me (safely) out. So it was with high-ish hopes last night I took the prescribed tablet and settled in for a decent couple of hours of zzzzz’s.

Within 2 hours I was wide awake again….hmmm, no change then? I was up for about an hour thinking yep, this is pretty much the new normal of the last few weeks when BAM!!

Next thing I know I’m waking up again an hour later in time to boot The Man out of bed to start his working night. Was awake for another couple of hours where I had just nooooo energy, no nothing to be honest then zzzzzz’s again for a few more hours. And so it went on and on and on. a858b04346

Which means now, instead of having any crafting done, I’m feeling like a zombie with no focus and no zing. And still a little sleepy. 🙂 At least I’ve had brekky when I was awake last time….around sunrise which was stunning and red! So now I may grab some fruit (the Valencia Oranges are delish this season!!) and see if my body is planning on any more zzzz’s before too much longer. THEN hopefully I can enjoy some Play Time!!! 😀

One positive during my semi waking hours…I’ve managed to order all the new Winter Wonderland Stamps that were released last week!!! 😀 😀 😀 Should be arriving on Tuesday fingers crossed!!! If I had some energy and no pain I’d be doing a happy dance…just have to settle for a happy shuffle in my PJ’s instead.


Till Next Time!! xx


6 thoughts on “Can I stop being an adult for today?

  1. MrsCraft says:

    I hope your sleep improves soon. There are many days I’d like to stop being an adult, just for an hour or so. (Mainly when I have to spend huge amounts of money on boring, grown up things like washing machines.) Sending some sleepy vibes your way. 😊

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  2. chicken46 says:

    Oh, poor you. I know how horrid sleep problems are, but pain added in must be pretty gruesome. Nothing wrong with having a pyjama day when required. Your post did make me laugh though!

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