Rolled Roses ~ Techie Tuesday

When it comes to using flowers for my Crafting the choices are endless. To embellish a Card or Page I’ve got to pick from Fussy Cut Stamps, Die Cut Flowers or Punched Flowers.

And I don’t like making decisions when I’ve got multiple choices. Just ask The Man what I’m like when we go to dinner! 😀

Fussy Cut Stamped Images is pretty easy to do with very little effort. Apart from making sure your scissors are sharp and you don’t cut yourself. Ok, a little effort is required. 🙂

Kaszazz has a few Dies for Flowers, I’ve got the Flower #11 Die which gives me 3 different size flowers to pick from. There is also the Rolled Roses Die to create Small, Medium or Large Roses…it is tricky to use for the first few times…and that’s why my first two attempts will never, ever see the light of day again!! The overall effect though is stunning, so well worth the time and practice.IMG_5841

There is a larger variety of options out there to suit every Project you could possibly need Flowers for, and I’ll cover more of them over the coming weeks.


Rolled Rose with Layered Paper Flower and Paper Leaf

Today I’m focusing on the Die Cut Rolled Roses. I may be a little out of practice with the Rolled Roses, though I’ve been assured it’s like riding a bike. Ah ha…sound convinced don’t I? 


I do love the Rolled Roses, and they’re great for Pages where having the extra dimension isn’t as much of an issue. But as I don’t have the Die myself, I’m a lot more selective as to which Projects do get the Rolled Rose Treatment.

To make them up, you will require a Paper Art Multi Tool and use the Quilling Attachment to make the entire process a world easier for yourself. Gail Ellis, another Independent Kaszazz Consultant, makes it look super easy in her tutorial.

As does Zena Melville in her clip on her Favourite Techniques which includes Rolled Roses. I’m envious of how they make it look…but it really is a world of fun.

That’s it for this Techie Tuesday. What do you think of our Rolled Roses? Is there another way in which you do yours that you’d love to share?

Till Next Time!! xx



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