G is for Granny Square

I’m loving this A-Z of Crochet…and I don’t crochet!!! I just don’t have the patience for it in all honesty.

But…I do admire the skill and talent that goes into this Craft/Art. And this series is certainly building up my appreciation.

Hope you enjoy reading this nearly as much as I have.


Welcome to the 7th part of my A-Z crochet series. You can find the first 6 letters in these links: A is For AmigurumiB is for BobblesC is for ClustersD is for Double Crochet,E is for Ends and F is for Flowers.

What is the first thing you think of when someone mentions crochet? For many people it is the classic granny square. It only uses chains and trebles so for many people it is the first project they attempt. The other bonus is they don’t have to be very big so there’s a certain amount of satisfaction to be had by completing one in quite a short space of time!

I’ve whipped one up tonight to show as an example, although I’ve only used one colour as it’s for my blanket. Quite often they are made using different colours, which…

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