Hot Off The Craft Mat

What an amazing Crafty Week it’s been! Nearly all the Projects I had planned to complete at the start of the week have been flipped around for other Projects as that’s the way the mood flowed. 🙂

I’m sure we’ve all been there before…it can be frustrating I guess. I choose to look at it as being flexible and ready for pretty much everything. Matter of perspective I guess. Glass half full or….

And looking back now at everything that has come off the Craft Mat this week (including my sudden recollection of how to video on the SLR camera!!) there has been a fair bit that I’ve accomplished! Patting self on the back time. If you’d like to see my exciting rediscovery, here it is. Hope you’re ready for a little giggle. 🙂

Which do you like? There’s been quite a few Cards going out this week though balance has been restored with boxes and Gifts made up for a customer.

Would love to hear from you with your thoughts.

Hope you have a great weekend ahead…and a safe one wherever you may be.

Till Next Time!!xx


2 thoughts on “Hot Off The Craft Mat

  1. chicken46 says:

    My favourite would be card number 3 in your line-up. The darker colour on the top is a bit different and works really nicely. Christmas cards were a close second. Although I did love the video clip too!


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