Bayside Bliss Page

I surprised myself over the recent weekend by doing not one, but two Scrap Pages in one day! I think I’m starting to get the hang of this! I’d set myself the added Challenge of not using any Stamps on either of the pages…just to see how tricky it would be to come up with a design that works.

Having to make the choice as to which Page to feature in this Post I put it to the vote on my Facebook Page and this one is the popular choice!

I know one of our Cousin’s loves this photo, which has me thinking she’s a little biased with her vote…lol. It certainly brings back memories of a great weekend away with her and the family.

IMG_5536 (2)

To create this Page I’ve used Kaszazz‘s SB Essentials 12×12 Cardstock in White and Pool. The White I trimmed down to measure 11×11″ and then used my Paper Distress Tool to rough up the edges for some texture.

I’ve also used Iced Spruce and Peacock Feathers Distress Ink  Pads for the background on my SB Essentials White Page. I inked the Stamp Block directly and spritzed before ‘smearing’ (very technical term right there!) the inky Block over the cardstock. I love this Technique as you can add as little or as much as you like until you feel it’s ‘Just Right’.

To get the droplets I added more water to the Stamp Block to make the Ink very runny and then hovered over the Page while the Ink dripped. Bit risky as you just never know how much is going to drip down…but thankfully the gamble paid off….this time.

I also used the Hessian Stencil and sponged a combination of the two Distress Ink colours before applying a little more water via the Mini Spritzer. I then flipped the Stencil over and pressed down to ‘stamp’ the residue Ink on the Page. Honestly that was the only Stamping I did for this Page…does that still keep to the rules?

For the photo, well I knew I wanted to cut it into strips which is why I’d printed it out as an 8×5″ photo. To begin with, that was the only part of the Page I knew exactly what I wanted. It took a few hours for the ideas to flow for the rest of it, which had me a little worried to begin with.

But I’m loving the end result. A little journaling around the edges and 3 teeny tiny white buttons added and I was happy to call it a day on this Page. Any more and it would’ve been too much I think.

I love the ‘washed out’ look to the background, I think it adds to the feel of the overall Page without detracting from the photo at all.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this one. And did I technically live up to the ‘No Stamping’ by using the opposite side of the Stencil?

Till Next Time!! xx


2 thoughts on “Bayside Bliss Page

  1. chicken46 says:

    This is a great scrapbook page. The beach is the stuff of dreams, which is a lovely thing to work with, but your inking and textures add more interest. I agree It doesn’t need anything else. And yes, I think you did stick to the ‘no stamping’ rule. Did you have a stamp? No. Did you creatively use the tools you had? Yes. Verdict is ‘not guilty’!

    Liked by 1 person

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