Techie Tuesday ~ Dylusions Ink Sprays

Over the weekend I held the Kaszazz Workshop 2H1497, Perfect Dylusions Trio Cards which is a world of fun, and mess all rolled into one colourful Workshop.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of working with Dylusions, you really need to do yourself a favour, and get some!!!!

I love the vibrant, funky range of colours Ranger has developed in the Dylusions Range. And the versatility of them is amazing. I’ve used them to colour Paper Flowers for Wedding Decorations, as colour for Marbling, colouring ribbons to suit my current Project as well as applied directly to cardstock as a feature background on Scrap Pages and for colouring Cards as we did on the weekend.

The great thing is, if your material is porous, Dylusions Ink Sprays will do ‘it’s thing’ on it. I learnt that the hard-ish way when I tried to colour some Babies Breath with the Cherry Pie Dylusions Ink Spray. It looked great, but dripped right off.


These Cards are made with Kaszazz Card Basics. To begin with the Embossed part of the Card is 10.8cm x 14.8cm. The Mask is placed 1.5cm in from the Right Hand Side. Once you’ve finished spraying your Cards you’ll be able to trim off the excess to fit your Card Base.


In your DIY Spraybooth, start with one Dylusions Ink Spray, before that has a chance to dry, apply a second Dylusions Ink Spray and then a third. Every Card will be unique as no matter how many times you try, you’ll never get the same Card twice. 🙂 Pretty cool hey?


Un-embossed Squeezed Orange and Cherry Pie Dylusions Ink Sprays

Give them a chance to dry, won’t take too long I promise, then remove your Masking to reveal your clean strip. Place your Inked Edges into your chosen Embossing Folder up to the Clean Strip. Run through your Ezy Press or other Embossing Machine. You could leave your Card unembossed, it’ll still look good…but the Workshop does call for the Embossing Step to be followed through.

Trim down and adhere to your Matting, pick colours that will enhance your Dylusions Cards. Adhere to your Card Base. Easy peasy and super quick. 🙂 You can use your strip to punch out and embellishment you like.

Hope this has inspired you to go and have some fun with Dylusions yourself. I’m still to get my hands on some of their funky Paints…looking forward to the time I can though. 🙂 The world is our oyster, so let’s go make it a colourful one!!

To discover more on the Ranger Range of Inks and Sprays, check out their YouTube Channel to see the products in action.

Till Next Time!! xx


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