Birthday Presents and Feel Better Gifts

Am loving the Cards…and certainly on point where buying vs crafting is concerned (at least in my ever so not humble opinion!)

And I’m loving the Bunting!!! Hmmm, now I just know I can ‘blokey’ that up for a certain NYE/Birthday Bash we’ve got in a few short months time….hehehehe.

Happy reading, and hope you enjoy this Blog from Puddle Side Musings as much as I did!

Puddleside Musings

     Last month it was my mom’s birthday so you know what that meant – time to make a birthday card! It was also a great excuse to have fun with other crafts too and I’m always up for that, especially if it means bunting. I love the idea of bunting but just haven’t had the reason to use it until now. There was some really nice bunting in the Flow Book for Paper Lovers that I wanted to use, so my mom’s birthday was as good a time as any!

     When she went up to bed, I got to work hanging the bunting up in a place she would see it straight away when she came down in the morning.

Photo - Birthday Bunting (1)

Photo - Birthday Bunting (4)     Isn’t that chalkboard lettering nice? I went with ‘Today is a great day for fun’ because that was the longest message I could get…

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