Filling in Weekends

What a Weekend this one’s been so far!! I’m still recovering from Friday’s Celebrations after a day of wishing the Universe would leave me alone for a little bit so I could catch up!

Yesterday I was super inspired and instead of just doing up a Scrap Page for my self induced Challenge, I actually made up two!! I’d seen this great, simple, clean layout on Pinterest which stuck with me and from that my second Page was born.

But more on that next week….don’t want to give too much away too soon. 🙂

I also decided yesterday to ‘Add To’ the appeal of CraftyCAN. You may have already noticed I’ve been re-blogging some of the inspirational and stunning Posts from other Bloggers. 😀 I hope by sharing these Posts with you, you will be as inspired, motivated and encouraged as I myself am by reading them.

So, each Weekend, I’ll go through and select a few of the awesome Posts that I follow and share them with you. Please let me know if there’s any particular theme or content you’re interested in reading. After all, this Blog is as much for your entertainment and inspiration as it is mine.

Now back to seeing if we’ve decided which Political Party is going to be having the privilege of running this Great Land I call home for the next Term.

Till Next Time!! xx



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