Craft Apps I’ve just discovered

Ok I’m a little on the slow side when it comes to some of the techie tools out there to help with Crafty Play Time. And I’m impressed.

When I started doing Papercraft nearly two years ago, I was introduced to this site for making boxes. I’ve been revisiting the page and using the Tool every time I need to. You probably know it as well as I do. 

Now I’m equally impressed with the Envelope Generator and the Box Creator (by FinePaperArts) Apps, especially as they’re both on my phone which is far more practical. I’m already imagining how much time I’ll save by not walking to the other end of the house to check measurements on the computer, write them down and walk back to my Play Area where I’ll more than likely realise I used the wrong measurements thus starting the journey again. Either that, or I totally forget my measurements on the way to the computer. Gold Fish Memory. 😉 


Why the Envelope Generator you may be wondering…yes I do have a EPB and swear by it! I was thinking it’s a great idea to have the app on hand so I can show people at markets, talking in the street or at Classes how easy it is to craft your own envelopes, even if you don’t currently own an EPB. Then I’ll go on to show them the Album on my phone of EVERYTHING I can make on and with the EPB so they too will desire to have one sooner than later. In the meantime though, they can still craft their own envelopes.


I am soooo hoping that all came out right! 😀 Both Apps are available via the Google Play site, and I’m going to presume Apple App Store…if one of you lovely Readers could please confirm or deny the Apple one I’d be grateful. 

And on that note, I’m off to go Play some more with my new Toys…I mean Apps.

Till Next Time!! xx



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