Crafting my own Papers


Today’s Post has been my Black Hole all week, until last night when I had a lightbulb moment and thought to myself “Why not do it on making your own papers for cards and scrapping? ” Ta da!! 😀

And with the School Holidays currently driving many of my Mummy Friends a little nutty, I thought this might be a great indoor/cold weather activity, which is why I’ve been sharing a few ideas on this very subject on my Facebook Page. I’m still not sure if they’re being genuine or sarcastic when they comment “Thanks for that”…I’ll go with the genuine; though I can imagine the sarcasm is in there too. 😉

The entertaining part for me is how many of the younger nieces & nephews are telling us adults they’ve been doing these, or variations, in Kindy or School…just like we all did. Somewhere along the line we got ‘old’ and forgot to let our Creative Angels out to Play. And that’s the part I’ve found many of my Crafty Ladies have enjoyed, rediscovering the fun of making mess!

I’ll go into the Techniques involved in an upcoming Techie Tuesday, but today I’ll just show you some of the ones I’ve been making up this week. It all started with the Samples for my upcoming Class. I needed to make up some Dylusions Ink Spray Backgrounds for the three Cards and embellishments. Then yesterday, one of my friends shared a video I’d posted earlier in the week involving Colour Powder & Shaving Creme.

I’ve done Shaving Creme with Ink Refills and Dylusions…not with Powder. I have a fair amount left over from colouring our Babies Breath for our Wedding last year a cousin donated to the cause. I only used a smidge of a teeny tiny pinch and wow!!! I got 8 Backgrounds from that little blend…for the last 3 I added some Polished Jade Dylusions Ink Spray to break up the Crime Scene Photo look…lol…well, that’s what some of them looked like to me. 🙂

Then last night, with my Creative Angel really inspired I had a play with some more Dylusions and Ghosting. For that one I used Bubblegum Pink and Squeezed Orang with my Circles Stencil. Perfect for the Card I had in mind. Gotta love it when a plan comes together. I’m finishing the Card today, but you’ll notice it in tomorrow’s Post when I do the Weekly  Review of everything. 🙂


Now over to you! What method of making your own Papers do you enjoy the most? Stamping? Marbling? Smooshing? There’s plenty to choose from, and I’d love to hear your thoughts. It’ll help me to stretch that Comfort Zone again before I start going stale. 😀

Till Next Time!!




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