Faux Tile Technique ~ Techie Tuesday

 This week I thought I’d give Faux Tiling a go and see how I went. I made one up last week for the 5 Day Orange Card Challenge and I’m still not 100% sold on it.

Over the weekend I thought I’d try some of the other Techniques in the below Tutorials to see how they grab me. Sooo much better. 🙂

I haven’t had a chance to attempt the first one as I don’t have a Brayer at home…I left it at a friend’s house and keep forgetting it when I’m over there. Ooops! Otherwise, I’m quite impressed with the Thinking of You Card and the Tiled Background Card. Effective and super easy. The Thinking of You Card is a little tricky/time consuming I will admit. I’ve used the Technique to make up my Gran’s Birthday Card.

Word to the wise: make sure your Glossy Accents is as close to new as possible and probably don’t do your ’tiles’ only 1½cm square. By the time I’d made it to the last row my hand was having a whinge at holding the bottle with a little pressure and my patience, which is infamously close to non existent, was close to zip. I’ve noticed a few little boo boos on it; The Man and one of the Housemates couldn’t pick them though, so perhaps I’m just being too pedantic yet again?


Which ones are you interested in trying out? Or…which ones do you enjoy making?

 Till Next Time!! xx


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