DIY Chevron Backgrounds

There’s a number of sites I have as ‘Go To’ places of inspiration, and on one of them I was scrolling through on the weekend I came across a Tutorial by Debbie’s Designs on making your own Chevron Backgrounds using Scraps. “Great idea,” I thought to myself…especially as I have umpteen bags of scraps to work through one of these days.

So out I pulled a few of my scraps and between scratching my head a few times whilst having ‘d’oh’ moments and realising I really should’ve used a larger backing piece of card than I had (as in Top Picture) I kinda got the hang of what I was meant to be doing. I think the cooler weather that’s hit the East of Australia has frozen what was left of my brain cells…I just couldn’t get my head around the simplest tasks over the weekend.

On my second attempt I used Super Tape (6mm) on one of the backing cards and Glossy Accents on the other to see which would be the better adhesive under the circumstances of cutting on the diagonal. Glossy Accents won hands down I have to add. 🙂 Dried as quick as it took to make a cuppa, so pretty quick to my way of thinking.

I cut all the Scraps to measure 1″ x 4″ with the backing card being 3¾” x 4″. I don’t mind the width being that little bit smaller, as long as my length was covered. Which it was. 🙂 Now if I was being really pedantic I could’ve angled all my chevron SB Paper to connect, but seriously, without putting a heater on I wasn’t too keen on spending longer in the Play Time Zone than necessary. I have mentioned we’re experiencing a Cold Snap yeah? 😉

I also came close to forgetting to grab the camera and take a breather plus photos while I was Playing. I think I covered all the steps though. Making sure I’d worked out the correct angles was the real fun part. I ended up marking 1″ on all sides and trimming them that way. The smaller ends I used my scissors as it was easier than wrestling with my Paper Trimmer in all honesty. To cut there wasn’t any difference in the Super Tape vs. Glossy Accents. I think I’d used more than enough Super Tape to keep everything together, but it was a lot that I used, hence the idea of using Glossy Accents on the second one.

Next, the fun began. Putting it altogether. I used Glossy Accents to line the strips all up. This afforded me the opportunity to line everything up if needed without having to lift up and do again. IMG_5024

Once I’d finished that step, it was just a matter making up the Base Card, do a little Ink Blending using Archival Ink Pad in Viridian around the edges of the Chevron as well as the Paper Flowers and stamping the Sentiment. Fini!!

Am I sold on it? Hmmm, jury is still out on that one. I’m thinking I’ll need to make one or two more to decide.

Have you tried this before? What do you think?

Till Next Time!! xx


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