5 Day Card Challenge ~ Orange

This week I’ve been able to participate in a 5 Day Card Challenge with one of the Crafting Groups I’m involved with on Facebook. Every month they have a Challenge on, this month they added the extra challenge of keeping to a colour theme. Nice touch I thought.

Now I know as a colour many aren’t keen on orange…it can be overwhelming/overpowering or come off looking like a Halloween wanna-be that’s either too early or too late to the party. I’m not one of those people!! I love it!! As a close relative to my favourite colour, orange to me is bright, fun and cheerful, so this Challenge has been rather enjoyable! 

Doing the Colour Wheel for Techie Tuesday this week was a huge help to be perfectly honest. Much needed Refresher Course. 

It’s also been fantastic to see what the other ladies in the Group came up with each day. All very talented and all inspiring.

I just thought, before I go off to enjoy the coming weekend with my Mum while she’s here visiting us, I’d share with you the creations I made for this Challenge this week. As far as Card Folds go, nothing too fancy this time. I thought I’d leave the talking to the decorations instead for a change. 😉

Which colour do you love to Play with? Which one would you prefer to leave alone and avoid at all costs?

Till Next Time!! xx


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