Going Dotty Scrap Page

I did it! Phew, cut this one a little close to the bone to be honest. I just kept getting sidetracked with other Projects and before I knew it, my Self Imposed Scrapping Challenge was closing in on my fortnightly deadline! Eeeeek!! It’s a great thing I’ve been managing insomnia for the last month, otherwise I might have missed my own deadline this time around!

I drew inspiration for this Page from Pinterest. I’ll share the image in a moment. When I showed Mum she wasn’t too enthused to begin with…she did warn me it would be a lot of work; why is it mother’s are nearly always right?


Inspiration for my Page this time around.

I started this one on Monday night and after seeing just the two colours haphazardly laying on the Page I decided to leave it with the two colours instead of following the inspiration pic to the letter. By this stage I’d managed to die cut about 7 different lots of scraps to be half way to where I ended up. But the random mismatch that was going on appealed to me. Added to the fun a little in my sleep deprived eyes.

I’ve used the first three Circle Dies from Kaszazz to make all of these dots, along with a mix of Soft Pastel SB Papers, Heartfelt SB Papers, SB Essential Cardstock and a heap of Glossy Accents…bonus I finally finished off my existing bottle that I’ve had for nearly 12 months! I did use 6mm Super Tape for the Photo itself, and that was cut using the #6 Circle Die (if #1 is the smallest).

IMG_4743I then used a pencil to mark just under the edges of the photo so I knew where that would be situated while I got a little ‘stuck up’ with my Glossy. I’d also lightly drawn in dashes to section off areas for the blue/greens and pink/purples on either side of my photo. And then I got stuck into die cutting the huge pile of scrap SB Papers and Cardstock that was covering my dining table. Thank goodness my dies do cut through at least 3 layers of SB Papers at a time…not that I minded the upper arm workout in the least.

By the time I had to boot The Man out of bed so he could get ready for work, I’d completed the top left section and had started positioning the bottom section without adding Glossy to the back of everything. I just wanted to get an idea of the amount I had available and to see if I’d need to die cut any more circles or if there were enough already taking over my craft mat. Turned out I had more than enough of both. Yay!! IMG_4762I finished off attaching all of the bottom section before breakfast Tuesday morning. I just got a little carried away while my porridge was doing it’s thing in the microwave….like I’m prone to do. 🙂 Good thing The Man was still at work, though he did come home briefly at 3am and found me still working on it. Ooops. IMG_4745 (2)I knew what I wanted to do with this Page as soon as I sat down to start on it…and yes, there is a bit of die cutting and glueing involved. Am I glad I didn’t follow the inspiration image to the letter? For now, yes. I think with this photo, and with these colours it would’ve been too much (yes there is such a thing! Shock Horror!!) but I’m not ruling out doing a full dotty page in the future. IMG_4749What do you think? Any suggestions on what I could do more or less of? Drop me a line and let me know…always open to ideas and suggestions.

Till Next Time!! xxx


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