Understanding Colours ~ Techie Tuesday

I was just sitting in the kitchen with The Man and was asking him what today’s Blog should be about this week…I love being able to brainstorm with him and bounce ideas around between us. He’s the best support I could wish for. So, you can thank him this week for this one. Or curse him, whichever the case may be.

Sir Isaac Newton developed the first circular diagram of colours in 1666.

He was asking how do I know what colours to use together..truth be told, I used to wing it and follow my gut…it worked, but as there’s no real Technique involved in that I can’t really go into it. I’ve known since High School Art about colour wheels, complimentary colours, neighbouring colours and serious colour clashes…thank you 80’s!  You know exactly what I’m talking about right?

tertiary colour wheel

Now I’m going to presume we are all aware of the Primary Colours (Red, Yellow & Blue) and Secondary Colours (Green, Orange & Purple) as well as Tertiary Colours (Yellow-Orange, Blue Green, Red-Violet).

Looking at your colour wheel and choosing the colours to work with means you have some choices to make. This week, I’ll just focus on the three most common selection methods and hope this helps remove some confusion. Really hoping now I don’t add to your confusion…no pressure.


A colour scheme based on analogous colours uses the colours on either side of your colour of choice. Safe option and super easy.


A colour scheme based on complementary colours works by picking the colour directly opposite on the Colour Wheel of your choice. My eldest daughter’s first school uniform was in this category…Purple & Yellow. I still remember all the looks family & friends pulled when they found out. That was until they saw her in uniform. It really was quite stunning and smart…and super cute with plaited pigtails.


A colour scheme based on Nature  because seriously, Mother Nature doesn’t get it wrong. And yes, there are trees with pink leaves! It can’t just be an Australian plant surely. 

This is one Site I love to refer to when it comes to colours, and it certainly helped when I was throwing wedding colour ideas at The Man in the early planning stages. And as I have today, I still refer back to this site for a refresher or explanation when needed.


Now that I’ve either given you some clarity or added to your confusion…go forth and colour!! Would love to see what you come up with yourself. I’m now going to go and mix it up a bit with my Adult Colouring In and see how crazy I can go!!

Till Next Time!! xx



4 thoughts on “Understanding Colours ~ Techie Tuesday

    • CraftyCan says:

      🙂 Yay…thanks Leigha!! I’ve been doing the same myself…winging it and seeing how it goes. But this has been a huge help this week while I’ve been doing a 5 Day Orange Card Challenge.


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