Is it too early for Christmas Cards?

I know it’s only June, but is it really too early to start planning and making Christmas Cards for markets?

The Man thinks I’ve lost the plot…well he certainly looks at me like I’ve lost the plot. 🙂

I nearly always start the family cards around July so I can take my time and do a few each week. When I’m sending out over 15 cards for our close friends & The Clan, I need as much time as I can get! Experience has taught me that much. And considering I’m about to start The Man’s 40th invites in the coming weeks, I’m thinking the earlier I start on other projects the better. IMG_6688

I’ve been prowling Pinterest over the weekend and am getting inspired by some of the gorgeous, different, fun and traditional Christmas Cards I’m seeing online. Are there any that you’re keen to start making?

Hope you enjoy the slideshow, and hope these give you some ideas for your own Christmas Cards for this year.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Till Next Time!! xx



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