Class In A Box

It’s not always possible for many of my Ladies to make it to one of my Classes…reasons are varied from health concerns to timing conflicts. Which got me thinking.

As I myself have a chronic health condition I fully appreciate the difficulties in making appointments and being well enough to enjoy the time, yet I also appreciate how much some of the Ladies look forward to and enjoy those few hours away from it all while learning something new and making something for themselves.

There are other companies out there offering to send packs to make up to customers directly. Great idea…so I thought of starting Class In A Box. The Man calls it Crafting Correspondence. I’m excited to be offering this service…great for people who don’t live locally, who may be travelling, with health difficulties making it tricky to attend in person or have young children.

For June I’m doing the Keep Calm and Colour Workshop. I’ve made this one up where attendees will learn different colouring techniques using Alcohol Ink Art Markers and Watercolour Pencils. They’ll all receive a Keep Calm and Colour Card Pack by Kaszazz, full Instructions and a Tim Holtz Water Brush (Fine Nib) to keep and use at home.

keep calm and colour ws


Exciting times ahead and I’m looking forward to sharing my Kaszazz addiction in a new manner. Bonus is Adult Colouring is a great way to unleash everyone’s inner Creative Goddess.

Till Next Time!! xx


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