4 Different Uses for Embossing Folders ~ Techie Tuesday

I love using Embossing Folders…such an easy, cheats way of making your work POP out and make people take notice! I say cheats, as the only work you’ve really got to do is decide which Folder you want to use and a slight upper arm workout as you run it through your Ezy Press or other Roller Die Cutting Machine.

I do sometimes overlook this simple but versatile Tool…maybe because I’m overthinking it?

I love this first video by Independent Kaszazz Consultant, Karen from Frosty Hollow. This is super dooper easy to do…I’ve just done up the three butterfly ones (as in the video) plus another more Christmas feel one with some Silver Distress Stain to see how that looks. All four done before the kettle finished boiling!  

This Technique would also be brilliant to get the little ones involved with. If you don’t have a Brayer Tool just do what I did…use a rolling pin! I used ours from the middle up and then middle down as Karen demonstrates. Works just as well…and saved me some $$$ in the interim.


Again, these are super dooper easy. And seeing how well the Christmas Ornament Folder worked, I’m seeing a lot of my Christmas Cards are going to feature this Technique this year. 🙂


Another Technique I stumbled upon this morning actually was to use my Embossing Folders for an Alternate Embossing Technique using Embossing Powders and my Heat Tool. Sorry, I’m unable to relocate the tutorial video I watched though I know it was another Kaszazz Consultant who did it.

Simply put, use either the Perfect Medium Ink Pad or Pen (by Ranger Inks) on the raised side of your Embossing Folders prior to pushing the image onto your paper or cardstock. Sprinkle your Embossing Powder as usual and apply heat with your Heat Tool for a WOW effect! For Folders with fine lines more than solid raised sections, use the Perfect Medium Pen to run over the raised sections.

IMG_4467 (2)

 I also tried this next video except I forgot to run the folder through my Ezy Press to finish it off. I just applied pressure to transfer the Inked image. Still impressive, but I’ll do it properly next round. 🙂 Still a world of fun.

IMG_4460 (2)

 I hope these give you some ideas on how to use your own Embossing Folders in different ways…and maybe inspire you to come up with other ways and Techniques while you’re at it.

Till Next Time!! xx



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