DIY Ink Pad Storage Solutions

I’m currently in the process of making my Crafty Zone more storage friendly. In other words…neater & more productive. Anyone who crafts will understand it will not stay that way for long!

As part of this effort, I’m hunting down ways I can create my own storage solutions without spending money…frugal, nah. Just don’t want to explain to The Man why I’m spending big bucks on craft storage that I could do myself. Makes it easier when I spend big bucks on the things I really can’t make and yet desire. Method in my madness. 

The first video is a great tutorial on how to use different types of boxes to store Distress Ink Pads, Re-Inkers, Stains etc. Would certainly recommend using existing boxes you have laying around the house. 

This second one uses Foam Core…I will have to figure out where I can grab some here in Brisbane without being too $$…shouldn’t take me too long. Google is a wonderful research tool. 🙂

Hope these give you some ideas if you’re in the same boat as myself and on the hunt for some storage solutions. Would love to hear your thoughts.

Till Next Time!! xx


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