Anniversary Card…Work In Progress

The end of this month will be our first Wedding Anniversary…I’ve spent the last few weeks trying to work out what I was going to make for The Man. It’s been rather frustrating to be honest. IMG_4347 (2)

Last night I had an idea (yep, goldfish memory and single brain cell worked hand in hand!) and started working out the card. After a moment of pure terror when I noticed my circle die had a ‘kink’ in it from creating the ‘flip’ part of the card…easily rectified I might add…I actually started to relax and enjoy the process. This was a huge relief, as the later half of the week has been rough. The arthritis in my knees has been making itself known plus I lost my ‘mojo’ kinda at the same time. 

IMG_4374 (2)

Heat Embossed Sentiment with Watercolour Distress Ink Pads creating a soft background

This morning while The Man was sleeping (he works night shifts) I managed to bring some more elements together before having to hide this card between my stencils and embossing folders again. Yes, I’m hiding my work…lol. The Man has a lovely habit of running an eye over my work whenever he’s in the area…like making coffee or stealing a bowl of Pea & Ham Soup. So…my new storage solutions are currently working as a hidey hole too.

IMG_4383 (2)

I’ve used both of our favourite colours in the Sentiment Background. Dry Embossed Bubble Stencil on the Front flap for added texture.

Thankfully, I’ve still got 2 and a bit weeks to finish this off. Sadly, I’ve got 2 and a bit weeks of hiding ahead.

Till Next Time!! xx


2 thoughts on “Anniversary Card…Work In Progress

    • CraftyCan says:

      Thanks….still in hiding until early in the morning. 🙂 Nearly got busted when I thought The Man was snoozing before so waiting till I know he’s outta the house.


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