Techie Tuesday ~Envelope Punch Board Boxes


This week for Techie Tuesday I thought I’d share with you my love affair with my Envelope Punch Board (EPB); one of my most treasured Tools in my Tool Box so to speak. _MG_8685Yes it’s great for making envelopes of all shapes and sizes, that’s a given. I’ve made a number of Gift Card Envelopes for friends and family. You know the ones you pre-purchase from Myers/Coles/Sanity etc with a preset amount? Yep, those little darlings that normally fold over on themselves before you pop them into a card hoping they’ll travel well and not go awry. With my EPB I’ve been able to make up some gorgeous little envelopes that store those little cards with a bit of panache and wow. _MG_8182.JPGIt also came into it’s own with our Wedding Invites when I used it to make a multitude of RSVP envelopes to include in the Invite Packs. All the ones that were returned travelled across Australia with virtually no damage whatsoever. Well worth the investment both financially and time wise to create. IMG_3755.JPGNow when it comes to making boxes, tea bag holders, lolly holders, place card pop ups…oh the list is endless; this little darling comes well and truly in on it’s own.

There are a number of YouTube tutorials out there in YouTube Land on using the EPB for boxes; I’ll share some of my faves with you in a second. From these I’ve made a vast collection of gift boxes and packages. All have been super easy, yet they look so complicated.


I hope these clips inspired you like they did for me. Enjoy and Happy Crafting.

Till Next Time!! xx







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