Keep it Simple…

I’ve just learnt a valuable lesson tonight…and it’s because of this #card. IMG_4198.JPG

I went through and had a look at my Templates after making up a new one a little while ago, and thought I haven’t given this one a run for it’s money yet, why not just do it now?

In one of my numerous Scrap Bags sitting at the base of my desk I found some cardstock that would work, wouldn’t be cutting too much off it in other words. I’m feeling a little lazy tonight to be honest. IMG_4205

But once I’d cut, scored and burnished my folds I just didn’t like what I was looking at. The colour was off, the design, though done perfectly, didn’t leap out at me…I just pure and simple didn’t like it! Must’ve shown on my face too, as one of the Housemates asked if I was ok…how do you explain to a non crafty person you just don’t like what you’ve done? hehehehe He did make me smile though, very much appreciated.

Then I thought to myself, there’s gotta be something in the Scrap Bags to bring this back to life for me. There just HAS to be! I think that’s been my saving grace tonight. Remembering the colour wheel and complimentary colours and all that did come in handy. IMG_4200 (2).JPG

And now I’ve finished it? Let’s just say there’s a good reason the Sentiment on the front is what it is. Ssssh, we’ll keep that to ourselves shall we? I’m thinking this card is more for myself this time. IMG_4206.JPG

Certainly has taught me to see my projects through and not panic or flip out. Just take a breath and Keep it Simple!!




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