25 Scrap Themes

Hi ya! One of the reasons scrapping has been so tricky for me in the past, and to a point is still, is working out a layout or theme that I feel will do justice to the photo or photos I want to use for the page. 2H1830-ICantStopSmiling12x12Layout-6x4-PROMOPICI’m confident we’ve all been there, either scrapping or with cards. Working out a theme or feel for our project can be overwhelming. IMG_3269 (2)I’m hoping this list of 25 Scrap Themes may help, if not this week, sometime in the not too distant future. 

  1. Milestone Birthday
  2. Brag Book of new Family Member
  3. ABC
  4. First Year
  5. School Life
  6. Vacations/Holidays
  7. Easter
  8. Christmas
  9. Wedding Day
  10. New Home
  11. Our Family
  12. Hen’s Night
  13. Family History
  14. Friends
  15. Sport’s Day
  16. Pets
  17.  Steampunk
  18. Shabby Chic
  19. Transport
  20. New Car/Bike
  21. All about Me
  22. Family Reunions
  23.  Journal
  24. Anniversary
  25. Recipes

What other Themes would you add to this list? Would love to hear your thoughts in the Comments section below.

Till Next Time!! xx


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