I’ve made a few decisions this week, and one of those was to start offering some inspiration on my Facebook Page with Card Maps/Layouts/Plans (depends on who you talk to as to how you term it) by posting up a Daily Card Layout.

That has now grown to me offering up a Card Challenge every week, from Monday to Friday. Thankfully I’ve still got a few days to iron out a few wrinkles in my plan but the gist of it is, post up and share in the Card Challenge Album your version of the week’s Challenge before 7am Saturday. Over the weekend everyone who has liked my Page is able to ‘vote’ by liking the photos that have been shared. The photo with the most likes by 7pm Sunday night becomes the Banner Image for my Page for the coming week!

I’ve already done up 2 Cards using the Layout for next week; just to show the difference a change in cardstock, papers and embellishments can make. One of our House-mates has even begun to think how he can get in on the action and which of my ‘scrap traps’ he can raid to make at least 1 card up.

Why don’t you join us and stop by my Page? Like it and then you too can get in on the fun as little or as much as you like!

Now to head up the Markets and see if our fave little Baker is in there on this wet Winter’s morning. That means…PUDDLES!!! I’ll see y’all when I’m dry again!


Till Next Time!! xx


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