From the desk of the Absent Minded Professor

Feels a little that way this week. As awesome as I expected with a few plunges off personal cliffs into the Great Unknown with my Facebook Launch Party earlier in the week, making up a few more Cards for family celebrations, finishing off an Order for a Client and experimenting with some new Techniques I stumbled upon.

I’m still amazed I remembered to take some time out this week to eat! And cook. The Man really is a beautiful, supportive, understanding Hubby which he’s proven time and again this week alone. Apart from having a chuckle with our Delivery Dude earlier in the week about my excitement when Delivery Dude arrives. Hmm, might be an idea to not let The Man accept any more of my orders. Nah, couldn’t do that. They had a ‘bonding’ moment. hehehe

I did manage this week to reorganise and arrange my working area, which has been a HUGE help with the production line I set up to complete my Order. These two photos show my dining table on Monday night compared to my work desk on Tuesday. At least now you can see the dining table and even eat off it if you so desire! Who woulda thunk it?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Bonus is, I now have two work areas to play in! YAY! Also means while I’m waiting for one Project to cure or dry I can be working on another one on the other surface. Twice the fun or twice the mess?

Till Next Time!! xxx



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