My newest discovery for Embossing Powder

Ok, this might not be new to many of you, but I only stumbled onto this yesterday via Ranger Ink’s Facebook Page. Heat Embossing on a geode. Now this opened up a world of possibilities in my little goldfish memory that kept churning around, and around….and around all day.

So I finally worked out something I could attempt this Technique on after sitting in on a brilliant Webinar last night. I have a bowl of silver and clear #Christmas baubles sitting on my dining table, so I thought…’Why not?’ It’s easy enough to mimic, all you need is a Perfect Medium Pen ( I used a Brush Tip), Embossing Powder and a Heat Tool.

It wasn’t till I was starting to use my Heat Tool that I had the thought this probably wasn’t the right surface to use….the baubles are all plastic! Yikes! IMG_4036 (3)

Problem solved by carefully moving the Heat Tool around, never staying in one area for too long. And I’m kinda impressed with myself at the end result.

I then grabbed a clean, empty coffee jar…made of glass…and tried a second time.

Wow! IMG_4036 (2)

This has started the wheels spinning out of control in my head most of the night. So today I’m on the hunt to see what else I have around the house to #emboss and make pretty. AFTER I finish off my order for bespoke birthday #invites. More on those in another Post to come.

Hope you have an awesome Thursday ahead.

Till Next Time!! xx


3 thoughts on “My newest discovery for Embossing Powder

  1. chicken46 says:

    Sorry, I just tried to comment, lost my screen, then lost the comment button so clicked on ‘like’ which removed my initial ‘like’ so I had to ‘like’ again! Pew! Anyway, I like this! Great idea!

    Liked by 1 person

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