Techie Tuesday ~ Smooshing

I LOVE Smooshing!! I didn’t have an inkling about this Technique until recently truth be told, but it’s right up my alley…messy, wet, colourful and did I say messy? C’mon, you know if there’s a messy Technique out there I’m all for it.


To begin with, I honestly couldn’t see much of a difference between Smooshing and Water Colouring with Ink Pads. But there are a few differences, especially in the end result. You do have more control with Smooshing as you direct where you want your colours to go.

Smoosh me

Smooshing over Heat Embossed Sentiment

Watercolour Me

Watercolour Techniques

There’s a few simple tools you’ll need to jump right in and get ‘smooshy’. It’s really not that tricky, but a world of fun. Word of warning…wear messy clothes that you don’t mind getting inked/wet and have a roll of paper towel handy; very handy!

All you need is;

  • Watercolour Card is preferred, though any cardstock will do in a pinch (I’ve tried and succeed more than not)
  • Distress Ink Pads – as Distress Inks are designed to react with water, these are perfect for this technique!
  • Plastic or Acetate Sheet – this is your #1 Smoosher Tool
  • Non Stick Craft Mat or other waterproof surface that is easily wiped clean. Trust me, this is a must. You’ll thank me later.

Now there are a number of Smooshing Techniques, but my must have/go to Tech is this one I’ll attempt to explain in easy to follow steps. (fingers crossed!)

  • Pat your Distress Ink Pad directly to your Plastic or Acetate Sheet. You want smaller amounts of colour in one spot ideally.
  • Spritz your Plastic/Acetate with some water to make your colour run. Not too much, as you want to maintain some control over the colour.
  • Apply directly to the areas on your dry Watercolour Paper/Card and ‘smoosh’ till you’re happy with the coverage. (Smoosh is just another term for rubbing your colour over the card, and being on a Plastic Sheet you can see exactly where you’re at colour wise.)
  • Wipe your Plastic/Acetate Sheet with some Paper Towel to clear off any remaining Ink then repeat with your second colour.

If your colours ‘run’ into each other, that’s a good thing. You don’t want your Card to be too wet unless you do want a full watercolour effect. Keep mixing your colours till you’re happy with how your work looks. Set aside to dry and then the world is yours for the taking! Mother's Day Watercolour Card

The reason I love this version of Smooshing is I have the control of where the colours are going. I can see while I’m in the act so there’s less chance of a surprise when I’m not looking.

Have a look at the following YouTube links for other ideas and ways of Smooshing. I’m sure you’ll find one that you are more comfortable with…then you too can enjoy this messy Technique as much as I do!

Till Next Time!! xx



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