Brrrr Welcome to Winter/June

I’m guessing Mother Nature thought she’d deliver Winter to us a few days earlier than the calendar may have me believing it should start, as it’s been a bit on the chilly side of life for the last few mornings.


And that’s as much of the whinge as you’ll get from me as Winter in Queensland is far more mild than those experienced by my Southern relatives, and one of the main reasons I migrated nearly 18 years ago!

Being the first of June also means State of Origin kicks off tonight! *happy dance*


I’m an AFL girl; I still struggle to follow the rules while I watch Rugby and tonight’ll be no different. But when it comes to the Clash of the States (Queensland vs New South Wales) I do sit up and take notice…and cheer on the guys in blue which is easy enough to remember. Thank goodness I’ve got friends up here who are of the same mentality as I.


Tonight will be full of messages back and forth on the mobiles & more than likely on Facebook; some will be Booyah!! Others will be boooooo. All a bit of fun and games, literally. Ahh, love it!!

To all my Queenslander friends and inlaws….GO BLUES!!!


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