Not all Card is created equal

When I was creating our wedding invites I started to learn that not all cards and papers are the same. Suddenly gsm figures were meant to be important and which way the paper or card was ‘running’ became necessary information that up to that point in my life I’d been oblivious to. Thankfully our Best Man works with a major Photocopier Provider and was able to give me the ‘Idiots Guide to…’ rundown so I sounded at least like I knew what I was talking about.

Now I’m a little more educated and I learnt quick smart that there is a difference to the feel of different cards and papers. The ones I’d been buying at our local Variety Stores was certainly ‘cheaper’ feeling than that I’d been ordering through my Kaszazz Consultancy. Honestly, GSM didn’t come into the equation, they just ‘felt’ different. And neither The Man or I wanted our invites to feel ‘cheap’.

So I thought today I’d give you a brief rundown on the gsm figures of the different cards and papers supplied via Kaszazz. It does come in handy when I’m running something through the Ezy Press to die cut knowing if that die will cut 2 or even 3 layers of card or paper or only 1 at a time. The lazy part of me prefers the multi cuts at once, but at least I am now aware of the difference without an expensive repair job being on cards (pardon the pun!)

Kaszazz SB Papers

Kaszazz has a beautiful, exclusive collection of double-sided SB Papers (12×12 inches = 305x305mm) that are printed on 190gsm acid free, lignin free cardstock. This is important to note for any paper or card you consider using for your Scrap Books as acid or lignin in your paper will react with your photos over time and cause the photo images to fade. IMG_3605 (2)

Kaszazz SB Essentials 12×12

The colourful range of Cardstock offered as the Kaszazz SB Essentials is a 216gsm, acid free cardstock with a ‘canvas’ texture on one side and a smooth texture on the other.

IMG_3607 (2)

Kaszazz SB Essentials 12×12 Card


Kaszazz SB Essentials Bling 12×12

Available in Black, Silver, White or Opal our gorgeous shimmery 216gsm card will certainly add some sparkle and glam to your page or cards.

Kaszazz SB Essentials Foil 12×12

Perfect for photo mats, you have a choice of Silver or Gold shiny 235gsm foil card for your next project.

Kaszazz SB Pages 12×12

Smooth surface pages perfect for your scrapping needs. Available in Ivory (250gsm) or Oatmeal (216gsm) makes the perfect base.

Specialty Papers

Kaszazz offers a great range of Specialty Papers to add that extra something to your cards or pages.

Plastic Sheets are A4 size. Not acid or lignin free so advisable to not have in direct contact with photo images.

IMG_2780 (3)

StayzOn Opaque Cotton White stamped onto Plastic Sheet.

Vellum Paper A4 size 112gsm

Shimmer Paper and Shimmer Card for those special occasions where a little extra ‘wow’ is needed. Shimmer Paper is A4 size and 120gsm while the Shimmer Card is also A4 size with a 250gsm.

IMG_1513 (2)

Watercolour Paper used for the Stamped Image, SB Paper and Card Basics White used for the Card itself.

Watercolour Paper is designed to get wet making it great to use with watercolour pencils and the range of Distress Inks and Paints plus Dylusions Ink Sprays. Available in A6, A4 or 12×12 sizes with a 300gsm.

Kaszazz Card Essentials A5

Available in packs of 30 and in a choice of Vanilla, Black or White these cards are all pre-cut to A5 size with a 216gsm the same as the 12×12 Sheets.

Kaszazz Card Basics

Gloss and Oatmeal Card Packs are 20 A5 sheets of 216gsm card with a smooth, versatile surface to work with.


Card Basics White for the Card Base and Stamped Image, Gloss Card for the background.

The Basics Card Packs in White or Ivory are 250gsm A5 cards. The White is available in 20 or 100 Packs in the A5 size, or in a 20 Pack in A4 size. The Ivory is only available in a 20 A5 Pack.

I hope this has helped elevate some of the confusion for you. I still am unable to tell you by the feel what gsm a card or paper has but I can tell you if the quality is something I’m more than happy to use.

Till Next Time!! xx





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