Self Imposed Scrap Challenge

I’m a glutton for punishment, I’ll be honest. As an Independent Kaszazz Consultant the thought of not being able to show some Scrap Pages that I’ve made myself is horrific. After all, would trust someone who couldn’t or wouldn’t do something that you’re attempting to do yourself as a coach or mentor? I certainly wouldn’t!

So I set myself a Challenge where Scrapping is concerned. I aim to complete a Scrap Page a fortnight and share the journey with you. This kills two birds with one stone as they say. May I add, no actual birds are damaged/harmed/hunted in any way during this Challenge…even if The Man wants to destroy the Indian Minors that love to sit outside our windows. Moving on.

IMG_2578 (2)

For me Scrap Pages are beautiful and my personal White Whale. I’ve attempted a few Pages over the past year, to no avail. I find it difficult to like anything on them no matter how others admire and gush. I’ve got a Pinterest Board full of inspiration and layout ideas, again, to no avail. It’s great that it’s there, but none of them ‘call’ to me.

So…until I started this Challenge, I was stuck. Now I actually miss not doing a Page! Weird or what!?! At least now I feel more of credible when discussing Scrapping with others. For me, that’s important.

What is your personal ‘White Whale’ where Scrapping or Cards is concerned? I’d love to hear that I’m not alone with this. Drop me a line and say ‘Hi’, or if you’d like to join me in my Challenge or just to send a Smiley Face. Please do! Would love to find you on Pinterest too so we can swap ideas.

Till Next Time!! xx



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